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[Confectionery] Tasting set of Nagaokakyo Ogura-sanso


I bought okaki set only for first shopping customer of Ogura-sanso at Rakuten without thinking much about it.
Ogura-sanso is very popular okaki shop in Kyoto. Of course, they have good reputation in their okaki’s taste. And also its packages are loved.

I was surpriset at the appearance.

I got it as a souvenir from my acquaintance before.
“wogurasan shunjyu” (をぐら山春秋),.

I hate sweet senbei, but this “wasanbon” (和三盆) is good 😀
It is sweet, but it have salty taste 😀

I’m afraid they don’t accept orders from abroad. You can get their products at some department stores in Kyoto,Tokyo, Osaka and so on.


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