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[Sendai] Senreisushi / Senreizushi (仙令鮨) in JR Sendai Sta.


When I heard the word “Sendai”, “Senreisushi” occure me at first. Senreisushi (仙令鮨) is located in JR Sendai station (outside of ticket gate) and they are stand-up-eating sushi shop. I know there’re so many people waiting on weekends. I visited there past 4 p.m. on weekday. So, I could enter the shop without waiting.

You might know “Hokushinsushi (北辰鮨)”. They have changed their name from Hokushinsushi to Senreisushi a few years ago.

Japanese menus of sushi. But don’t worry. They have English menu. They use fresh seafood from market directly in the morning. Those sushi are from 120 yen per 1 piece. 80 yen is tamagoyaki and mekabu seaweed. The most expensive sushi cost 550 yen (sea urchin, kichiji rockfish, botan shrimp). This is regular menu.

Menu of sushi

And those are recommendations of the day. I’m afraid they don’t have English menu of that. But ask staffs. They will recommend best of the day.

Recommends of the day

And drink. They have Three draft beer. Ichiban Shibori, Superdry, and Premium Malt’s.


Because they are stand-up-eating shop, I got to there about 40 minutes before my train leaving and ate and drink lightly. Everything was good. At first, I ordered a glass of Ichiban Shibori. It’s enough.

A glass of Ichiban Shibori (一番搾り グラス) 380 yen

I ordered Tuna set because it was at the top of the blackboard menu. Tuna’s cheek and head meat. Both was grilled lightly. It was fatty and good. But truthfully speaking, if I knew those are grilled, I didn’t order it as first sushi :p

Tuna set (本鮪セット) 550 yen

Bonito. It had refreshing tastes. Not so fatty. By the way, vinegared rice was smaller. It’s good to enjoy a variety of seafood.

Bonito (katsuo / 生かつお) 220 yen

Striped jack. It had springy texture. Good.

Striped jack (shima-aji / しまあじ) 220 yen

Spear squid (ヤリイカ, 220 yen) and Jacopever (ソイ, 220 yen). Spear squid is called “Yari-ika” in Japanese. It’s my delight. Jacopever is called “Soi” in Japanese. It was on the blackboard menu. As they recommend, it was so fresh. It had springy texture.

Spear squid / Yari-ika (ヤリイカ), Jacopever / Soi (ソイ) 220 yen each

And this was on the blackboard menu, too. Aka-Mebaru. Aka-Mebaru is a kind of Japanese stingfish. Yes, it’s fresh, too. It had springy texture as well as Jacopevar.

Aka-Mebaru (赤メバル) 220 yen

Last, I ordered sea urchin. It was sweet and flavorful.

Sea urchin / Uni (生うに) 550 yen

I was satisfied with all seafood and beer. But I felt vinegared rice was sticky a bit. But totally, their sushi was excellent !

¥5,979 (2024/07/11 20:00時点 | 楽天市場調べ)


Name Senreisushi JR Sendai station branch (仙令鮨 JR仙台駅店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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Credit card Available
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