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[Tokyo] Valuable steak at Bambolina (レストラン バンボリーナ) in Kayabacho


Restaurant Bambolina (レストラン バンボリーナ) is located in Kabutocho area close to Nihonbashi. They were born in 1978. They are the origin of Saikoro steak (diced steak). So, I visited there to eat dice steak. They are open from 10:50 a.m. So, I got to there past 11 a.m., and 1/3 of tables were already occupied.

The restaurant is located on the B1F of the old building. Very old building 🙂

They are wider than expected. They have L-shaped floor. The tables are small and the intervals of each table is narrow.

This is the lunch menu available until 2 p.m. Their signature food is saikoro steak all the same. Though it was hot day, they had still cold shabushabu. They offer discount price on each day. That day was Monday. So, they offer sirloin steak (150g) for 980 yen (normally 1300 yen)

So, this was Monday. Though I was there to eat saikoro steak, I ordered sirloin steak (150g). Actually no one order saikoro steak that day :p

All set have salad, soup and rice at lunchtime. And we can have second helping of rice without fee. But, of course, there’s no need to have second helping because it’s enough for me. Large enough.

Much soybean sprouts were served with steak. Soybean sprout having much meat juice is delicious. There’s a pot having steak sauce on the table. So, we can put sauce as we want. The sauce is based on soy sauce. Though it’s not thick, it’s delicious. It’s not so high quality, but it’s enough and even normal 1300 yen price is valuable.

So, I didn’t eat saikoro steak this time. Saikoro steak was born by the worker who was a regular customer of the restaurant. He wanted to skip to cut the steak because he was too busy and he said “please serve it after cut”. I want to try it next time 😉


Name Bambolina (レストラン バンボリーナ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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