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[Takamatsu] Grape parfait at Onmai Lowe (おんまいルーヴ) in Kawaramachi

KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)

we went to the cafe to eat fruits after we got to Kawaramachi station. Onmai Lowe (おんまいルーヴ) is located at the center of the shopping street.

They sell much souvenirs, and they are also cafe and serve cakes and parfait having seasonal fruits.

Before eating, I saw around those souvenirs. And I found the Wasanbon that I wanted to buy at Ritsurin garden the previous day and didn’t buy it. Though I gave up buying it at Ritsurin garden, but I bought it at Onmai. It’s fate !

Ritsurin Garden, Onmai lowe (Takamatsu)

And then, we killed time with those sweet things. Grape parfait and Japanese pear smoothie. Especially the pear smoothie was quite differ from pear juice that we had at first day of our trip. It had natural sweetness by juicy pear ! I liked it !

Grape parfait (ぶどうパフェ, 600 yen) and Japanese pear smoothie (梨スムージー, 500 yen)

Perhaps the pepar was from Tottori that is also one of the best pear production area as same as my hometown, Chiba. The grape parfait was small, but the grapes were large, juicy and sweet. Because our stomach were full with udon, those small sizes were good for us !


Name Onmai Lowe (おんまいルーヴ)
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