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[Ginza] Unagi Hyotanya 1chome (ひょうたん屋一丁目店)


I like unagi (eel) very much. But unagi is expensive a bit. So, I always search for good unagi restaurant at inexpensive price. Today, I tried Hyotanya 1chome branch (ひょうたん屋1丁目店) located in ginza. Speaking of Ginza, we imagine many restaurants are expensive, but there are many good restaurants at inexpensive price.

Hyotan-ya is long-established eels restaurant and about 70 years have passed since they started their business in 1946 in Ginza. They serve eels box at inexpensive price and they prepare only eels box during lunchtime.

This is the menu at lunchtime. The difference in price is due to the difference in quantity, as is often the case with eels restaurants. Not quality.

Regular(並)2100 yen, Middle (中) 2500 yen, Deluxe(上)3100 yen, Supreme (特上) 3700 yen

I ordered Middle one. As soon as I ordered, tea and pickled vegetables were served. My friend ordered a Supreme and his pickles had cucumber, too.

Pickles and tea

Clear soup. It didn’t have eel’s liver in it. Quite clear and light soup.

Clear soup

There’re two ways of cooking eels. Kansai style and Kanto style.

*Kanto-style(Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama…)
1.cut from eels’ back

1.cut from eels’stomach

Here’s Kanto region, so, most of restaurants take Kanto-style. But this Hyotanya take Kansai-style. So, the surface was crisp and the meat is soft like bed. I put much Japanese pepper on it.

Middle size of eel box (鰻重 中) 2100 yen

The sauce was not sweet. I like it. By the way, July 29th of this year is The dog days day of the Ox. It is the day of eating eels in order to prevent exhaustion from the summer heat. Every eels restaurants will have much guests waiting in front of their restaurants.


Name Hyotanya 1chome branch (ひょうたん屋 一丁目店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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  1. melissayears says:

    I looove unagi! These pictures are making me hungry!

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