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[Takamatsu] Fresh fruits at Sanbiki no Kobuta (三びきの子ぶた)

KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)

After we enjoyed first Sanuki udon of this trip at Udon Baka Ichidai, we went back in front of Kawaramachi station and had break slowly at Sanbiki no Kobuta (三びきの子ぶた). It was still around 10 a.m. and we were full. Sanbiki no Kobuta means three piglets.

This shop take self-service system like Starbucks and the specialty is parfait and juice made from fresh fruits. Their sandwiches, breads and cake can be taken away. They also sell their fresh fruits besides the cashier.

Though there was no people who visited only to buy those fruits when we were there, there might be someone to do so. We ordered peach parfait and pear juice. At first we hesitated to order peach because we think peach season was already end. But we ordered it because we love peach 🙂

I dropped in at supermarket close to Takamatsu station next day and I found they still sell peaches as seasonal fresh fruits. I saw the price tag for knowing where those peaches came from. Those were from Aomori prefecture. I understood. In our Kanto region, almost all peaches are from Yamanashi and Fukushima, But in the Takamatsu, peaches from Northern Tohoku region that is further away of Tohoku are in the markets. Peaches fry from Aomori Airport to Shikoku by airlines 🙂 But I didn’t like this peach. It wasn’t sweet.

Peach season might be already end though Northern Tohoku region ,or Aomori’s peach might not be good that time. But the peach sorbet was delicious.

And Japanese pear juice. It had much sweetness of the pear, but more, they put much syrup into it. So, it was too sweet. And to my sorrow, chunck of pear sank at the bottom of glass covered the straw and it was hard to drink.

By the way, why did I ate pear juice in Takamatsu nevertheless I live in Chiba that is one of the most major production area of Pear ? 😛 We killed time at there for a while, but after 11 a.m., the shop got busy for lunch and got out of the shop.

We went to our hotel in front of Takamatsu station and put our baggage at the locker. And then we started sauntering. Though we got to Takamatsu in the morning, it was cloudy and sometime drizzled. But fortunately, blue sky started to appear slightly around noon.


Name Sanbiki no Kobuta (三びきの子ぶた)
Open Morning through evening
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website, Instagram, Twitter

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  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    I love peaches, but if they aren’t sweet, they aren’t good. Lucky that the peach sorbet was tasty and the pear juice looks very tasty.

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