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[Matsumoto] Sanzokuyaki at Matsumoto Karaage Center (松本からあげセンター)

NAGANO (Suzaka etc)

I decided to eat Sanzokuyaki at Matsumoto Karaage Center (松本からあげセンター) before leaving Matsumoto. They are karaage restaurant located on the 4F of MIDORI Matsumoto bldg connected to JR Matsumoto station. Sanzokuyaki is local food of center of Nagano prefecture including Matsumoto. They are open throughout the business hour. I got to there past 4 p.m.

We can eat valuable set throughout business hour. Everything is karaage set on this menu.

Another set.

Another menu. They offer free refills of alcoholic drinks (60minutes, 980 yen). If we drink three or more alcoholic drinks, it’s good.


To go.

Of course, I ate Sanzokuyaki. It’s huge deep fried domestic chicken marinated in soy sauce. It’s as large as my face:p I wanted to eat toriwasa, too. But I couldn’t because Sanzokuyaki was so large. I was full.

Sanzokuyaki (山賊焼) 680 yen

Needless to say, it go with beer. There’s no doubt. They are good friends. Their draft beer is Premium Malt’s.

Premium Malt’s (プレミアムモルツ) 480 yen

The meat wasn’t thick, but it was soft and outside was crisp. It was seasoned with garlic well. So, you’d better not go into the train with it :p

There’s mayonnaise, shichimi pepper, vinegared mustard, lemon juice, sauce, soy sauce. I tried everything. Everything was good, but mayonnaise is the best all the same.

By the way, there’s vinegared soybean sprout in the pot on the left. It had refreshing taste and good to eat at intervelas of eating chicken, but it was sour.

They prepare Japanese sake only Daisekkei (大雪渓). It’s Nagano’s iconic Japanese sake. It’s light and good to drink with chicken. Beer, soybean sprouts and Japanese sake. I think everything is prepared to eat karaage. If you want to eat rice, they prepare Sanzokuyaki set (1,200 yen), too.

Daisekkei (大雪渓) 600 yen


Name Matsumoto Karaage Center (松本からあげセンター)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available (Hotpepper)
Credit card Available
URL Website / Twitter / Instagram

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