[Tokyo] Ito Akabane (自家製麺 伊藤 赤羽店) in Akabane

Ito (自家製麺 伊藤) is very popular niboshi ramen shop. Their head shop is in Oji area. And also they have a branch in Akaban...

[Tokyo] Kawaei (川栄) in Akabane

We had warm hotpot at Kawaei (川栄) in Akabane. They are eels restaurant. But we didn't eat eel at all that time. They al...

[Tokyo] Oden at Maruken Suisan (丸健水産) in Akabane

Akabane is outstanding place where we can drink alcoholic drinks from morning at inexpensive price. If you go to Akaban...
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