[Hakodate] Lucky Pierrot Marina Suehiro (ラッキーピエロ)

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Speaking of local food in Hakodate, Lucky Pierrot occur to many people. There are many branches mainly in Hakodate, and I walked in front of the eye-catching house so frequently when I’m in Hakodate. But I didn’t have the chance to visit because I’m always full with seafood. But finally, I entered the shop. I entered Marina Suehiro branch just in front of Kanemori Red brick warehouse.

We can’t see well inside from the outside. So, I was surprised when I entered the shop for the first time. They are fast food shop and sell many products, too. Pre-packaged curry, T-shirt, bag, and so on. They welcome tourists who want to buy those products only.

Menus. I thought Lucky Pierrot is hamburger shop. But another, they have steak, curry, omuraisu, katsudon, pizza, yakisoba and so on.

Menus of meal

The most popular food is Chinese chicken hamburger. Some branches have alcoholic drinks. They require one order per one person. But only drink and soft serve is OK.

And this Lakipote (Original Lucky-Potato) is very popular as well as Chinese chicken hamburger.

Please visit official website to see menu well.

I already visit there for several times. But I’m always full. So, I have never eaten hamburger and Lakipote. I like eating it. Normal French fry (S). Widely cut potato was good. It was seasoned with salt well. They also have French fry and beer set. So, it’s good to have alcoholic drinks lightly.

French fry S (フレンチフライドポテトのS) 190 yen

And Lucky Shake. They have about 5 flavor of shake. It was frozen, so it was hard to drink with narrow straw. But it’s not too sweet and had refreshing tastes. Good. Sweet shake and salty potato. I felt I can keep eating and drinking forever 🙂

Lucky Shake (ラッキーシェイク) 230 yen

Silk vanilla soft serve. I’m glad that they welcome just soft serve. The tastes was as same as vanilla shake above 🙂

Silk Vanilla soft serve (シルクバニラソフト) 250 yen

The interior of Lucky Pierrot is like toy box. Fun !

Order counter.

Though there are many branches in Hakodate, I like this Marina Suehiro branch best. It’s because this view is great. But it’s hard to secure the seats in daytime.


Name Lucky Pierrot Marina Suehiro (ラッキーピエロマリーナ末広店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Twitter, Instagram

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