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[Taipei] A Chang Noodles (阿昌麵線臭豆腐) in Jinmei Night market


I visited Jinmei Night (景美夜市) Market to have dinner. This market is in front of MRT Jinmei Station. So, it’s easy to visit.

I wanted to have dinner at this shop named A Chang Noodles (阿昌麵線臭豆腐). As their name, they serve noodles (vermicelli). It’s livery shop.

Menu. That’s all. Vermicelli with pork innards and stinky tofu. 50 TWD each. Both To go and For here is OK. I ordered and the staff asked me about coriander. Of course, I said I need coriander.

My vermicelli was served in a few minutes. I paid money that time.

This is the vermicelli with pork innards in a smaller cup. But unexpectedly it’s heavy. Thinly vermicelli was put without gap. So, some couples shared it and stinky tofu. And it have quail egg. Tea egg. Both pork innards and egg had strong color, but it’s not strong tastes. The innards had springy texture. Good.

Vermicelli with pork innards (大腸麺線) 50 TWD

It’s slippery. It’s hard to catch with the spoon. The soup had thick texture. It had bonito broth. The coriander added strong impact to this light soup.

I ate it without anything for a while and after that, I put vinegar, spicy miso and grated onion on to it. Especially, the vinegar changed the soup a lot. The spicy miso was very spicy.

Vermicelli itself was good. But they have also stinky tofu, so there’s a strong smell of stinky tofu at all time while eating. So, if you hate stinky tofu, you’d better To go.


Name A Chang Noodles (阿昌麵線臭豆腐) * perhaps the English name is wrong
Open Evening to night time
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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