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Moved – [Ginza] Indian foods at Dharmasagara (ダルマサーガラ)


Speaking of Indian foods in Ginza area, Dhaba India and Khybal is great restauants. And there are another good Indian foods restaurants. Their name is Dharmasagara (ダルマサーガラ).
Dharmasagara stand in front of Tokyo metropolitan highway. The location is not good. Because of such a location, Dharmasagara don’t have much guests even on weekdays lunchtime. But they serve valuable lunch set on weekdays lunchtime. The gate of the restaurant is on the upstairs. Budda welcome you !

There’re counter seats and several tables. If you are seated at the counter seats in front of the window, you can see Tsukiji Hongan-ji temple 😉

Weekdays lunch menu. They are southern Indian foods restaurant. So, they don’t serve naan. Instead of that they serve rice, papad and puri.

Weekdays lunch menu

Regular meals. It have two curries in small containers. Curries can be chosen from chicken curry, mutton curry, keema curry, sambal and curry of the day. The orange thing was achar and the green paste is chutney.

Regular meals (レギュラーミールス) 1200 yen

I chose mutton curry and curry of the day. Mutton curry was so spicy and some diced mutton meats.

And “today’s curry” was shrimp and okura curry. As you see, it had plenty of coconuts milk and it’s so creamy and mild. Spicy mutton curry and mild curry was good choice.

Though you can’t see from the photo of the whole plate, papad was at the back of puri. Puri is deep fried bread. Papad is deep fried beans like senbei.


Corn poryal.

Those were enough delicious when I ate separately, but mixed and ate them altogether was excellent 🙂


Name Dharmasagara (ダルマサーガラ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Website, Instagram

Google Map (Current location)


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