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[Tokyo] Dandan noodles at King-ken (キング軒) in Daimon


I like Chinese dandan noodles without soup, but I heard there’s also Hiroshima-style dandan noodles without soup and wanted to eat for a long time. Because of such a high popularity of Chinese dandan noodles these days, some Hiroshima-style dandan noodles shops in Hiroshima started their business in Tokyo, too. King-ken (キング軒) is one of the dandan noodles that have head shop in Hiroshima. At first, they were open the branch in Hamamatsucho in Tokyo, and now they have second branch in Ginza area.

Their dandan noodles is very inexpensive. It cost 580 yen. It have noodles, sauce and green onions, and a little minced meat only. Degree of spiciness can be chosen from 0 to 4. They say 2 is normal. So, I chose level 3. I bought a ticket at the ticket vending machine just close to the entrance.

Dandan noodles (汁なし担担麺)

My dandan noodles was served in five minutes. The noodles are narrow. The flavor of Sichuan pepper was good. I mixed altogether well until noodles completely dressed with sauce, as they say. So much Sichuan pepper on it. My tongue got numb. I love this sense 🙂

They recommend to order rice and put ingredients of dandan noodles on the rice. But I didn’t order rice because I thought I can’t eat so much. But the amount of noodles is not large. So, maybe I can eat both noodles and rice up. I’ll try next time 🙂

They prepare Sichuan pepper and red pepper on the table. We can enjoy some tastes with one bowl of dandan noodles.


Name King-ken Tokyo (キング軒 東京店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
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