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[Tainan] Lunch at Ji Pin Shrimp Rice (集品蝦仁飯)


Speaking of foods in Tainan, shrimp rice is very popular. So, I had lunch at Ji Pin Shrimp Rice (集品蝦仁飯) that is one of the most popular shop serving shrimp rice.

I got to there around 4 p.m. There were many people in the shop. They have many tables outside, and also there are tables and counter seats inside the shop. Anyway, I was seated inside.

There are order sheets on each tables. I filled out on the sheet. “桌號” is table number. They don’t have much foods. Rice, soup and small foods. They prepare several small foods at the entrance, so if you need, you can pick up what you want. I paid money just after everything was served.

This is boiled green vegetables. It had refreshing tastes seasoned with garlic. I was there by myself, so it’s good amount. Green vegetables is used seasonal vegetable in Taiwan, and it was Chinese water spinach that time.

Green vegetables (湯青菜) 25 TWD

And this is the Tainan’s specialty. Shrimp rice. It had about 11 shrimps ! Extra shrimp one is 75 TWD. Shrimp rice is seasoned rice having shrimps on it.

Shrimp rice (蝦仁飯) 50 TWD

Those shrimps were springy.

They have two types of fried egg. chicken’s egg and duck’s egg. Duck’s egg is not common in Japan, so I ordered duck’s egg.

We can choose our egg with half-boiled one or boiled one. I ordered half-boiled one. Soy sauce was put in advance. Taiwanese soy sauce is not salty and strong. So, it was put much, but it wasn’t salty.

Fried duck’s egg (煎鴨卵) 15 TWD

Why I ordered fried egg ? Just because this ! ON THE RICE ! I put the egg after I ate some of rice. I broke yolk and it became sauce on shrimps and rice ! Awesome. Heaven 🙂

I didn’t ordered soup, but the shrimp rice have much lard and was seasoned strongly, so you’d better order soup, too. 1/4 of order sheet is occupied by soup. Beaten duck’s egg soup, miso soup, clam soup, fish balls soup and so on. Those looks yummy.


Name Ji Pin Shrimp Rice (集品蝦仁飯)
Open Morning through night
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