Ginza : Kakigori, French toast and pancake at Tomato building (雪ノ下銀座)

I visited Yuki-no-shita at Ginza that is popular cafe as pancake and kakigori after a long absence.

Ginza : Pancake and kakigori in the tomato box (雪ノ下銀座)
You don' forget this building only you see it one time. A branch of so popular cafe in Osaka has been open in Ginza area. It is on third floor of such a cute tomatos building :) We visited th...
This tomato building attracts passers-by.

Appearance, Yuki-no-shita GINZA (Ginza)


It is on the third floor of the building, and long line reached the first floor.

This shop’s pancake is thick and soft. And it isn’t much sweet and also fruits are good. So I like this shop.

Though we were three, the shop had mistake. So, four drinks came 😛 (One drink was free of charge)

Our drinks, Yuki-no-shita GINZA (Ginza)

3人だったけど、ちょっと手違いがあって4つ登場したドリンク(ノ∀`) 1つは無料に

Strawberry and milk (苺の牛乳割, 600 yen), Lemon from Ehime and milk (愛媛産レモンの牛乳割, 600 yen), Kiwi and soda (キウイのソーダ割,500 yen) and Kiwi and milk (キウイの牛乳割, 600yen )

Kiwi kakigori (キウイのかき氷, 800 yen)

Kiwi kakigori, Yuki-no-shita GINZA (Ginza)


Pancake with strawberries and condense milk (いちごのパンケーキ練乳ミルクの白, 900 yen)

Pancake with strawberry with condense milk, Yuki-no-shita GINZA (Ginza)


This name have “condense milk”, so I imagined that it is very sweet. But it wasn’t too sweet. I like this sweetness.
As you imagine, this thick pancake takes much time to bake. About 20 minutes.
But it is well worth waiting.

This is French toast (フレンチトースト, 900 yen) that my friend ordered.

French toast, Yuki-no-shita GINZA (Ginza)


I tasted those french toast and fruits. Everything was good.
Especially, this organic lemon soaked in syrup’s smell was great. And it was sweet and tasty.

By the way, the friend ordered it , too 😛
Pancake with strawberries, and cocoa and chocolate(いちごのパンケーキココアチョコの黒, 900 yen)

Pancake with strawberry with cocoa powder, Yuki-no-shita GINZA (Ginza)


Fresh cream came separately.

We found Fuchiko on the pancake 😛

Fuchiko on the cake, Yuki-no-shita GINZA (Ginza)


About Yuki no Shita GINZA (雪ノ下銀座)

Address / Tomato Bldg 3F, 1-20-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Ginza station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 21:00
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays / 10:00 – 19:00
Closed / Mondays (In case of national holiday it is open and the next day is closed)
Website / Japanese only)



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