Snow Brand Parlor Honten (雪印パーラー本店) in Sapporo

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Yukijirushi (Snow brand) is well-known company producing milk.
But I didn’t know the existence of “Snow Royal”.
“Snow Royal” is vanilla ice cream that was produced for Emperor Showa and now it can be eaten at Yukijirushi Parlor in Hokkaido only.
Snow Brand Parlor Honten (Yukijirushi Parlor Honten) serve not only Snow Royal but also white parfait having Snow Royal.

Appearance, Yukijirushi Parlor Honten (Sapporo)


It is located within walking distance from Sapporo station.
But I have to say in advance. Yukijirushi Parlor honten moved to another place within walking distance from Sapporo station as well as former place just after my trip.
Of course, their menu has nothing changed.

This map is current location.


Former building was built in 1961. Lots of parfaits in front of the shop must have attracted children.

Show case 1, Yukijirushi Parlor Honten (Sapporo)
Show case 2, Yukijirushi Parlor Honten (Sapporo)

The building of Yukijirushi Parlor have 1F and 2F. There is a souvenir shop on the 1F. Not only Snow Brand but also many souvenirs of Sapporo were sold. Cafe was on the 2F.

Stairs to Cafe, Yukijirushi Parlor honten (Sapporo)
Cafe, Yukijirushi Parlor honten (Sapporo)

Snow Royal Parfait

The menu says this Snow Royal and cold-brew coffee set (スノーロイヤル 水出し珈琲セット, 1,190 yen) is the most popular at this shop.

Menu snow royal, Yukijirushi Parlor honten (Sapporo)

But I decided to have parfait because my stomach had enough space to have parfait and parfait seems not big.
Though some shops require us to order one drink, but Yukijirushi Parlor permit us to order parfait only.

Snow royal parfait (スノーロイヤルパフェ, 1,430 yen). beautiful white parfait 🙂
It’s not big, so you can eat it up easily even after hearty lunch.

Snow royal parfait, Yukijirushi Parlor honten (Sapporo)

It had two sticks of pie. Whipped cream and ice cream had thick tastes of milk. I haven’t had such a rich tastes of milk !

Snow royal parfait having pie, Yukijirushi Parlor honten (Sapporo)

This parfait had caramel. Of course, This caramel was produced by Yukijirushi. I think Snow Royal is MUST when visiting Sapporo !

Caramel, Yukijirushi Parlor honten (Sapporo)

About the restaurant

Name in English / Snow Brand Parlor Honten (Yukijirushi Parlor Honten)
Name in Japanese / 雪印パーラー本店
Address / 3-1-31 Kita 2jyo Nishi, 4-12-2 Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Phone / 011-251-7530

Open / 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Closed / No scheduled

Credit card / Available
Reservation / Unavailable
URL / Website(in Japanese only)


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