Tsukiji Market : Huge gill of yellowtail at Yonehana

Grilled yellowtail, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market) Tokyo
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Yonehana’s delicious hearty meal sometimes embarrass me

Recently, there is not long line in front of Yonehana on weekdays.

You see thee heads by this picture ? yes. But I took this picture after I got out of Yonehana after breakfast.
When I got into Yonehana, there was no people waiting.

Appearance, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


“Today’s chef’s choice”

Chef's choice, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


Grilled gill area of yellotail
as entree.

Grilled yellowtail, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


Oh, my ! So huge !
It was hard to eat it up. And more….

Boiled vegetables with soy sauce

Boiled vegetables, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


Big burdock and big mushroom !

Miso soup and pickled daikon radish, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


I feel Yonehana’s pickled daikon radish getting more tasty these days.

I took about one hour to finish it 😛
The yellowtail was so fatty and tasty. But it was tooooo big for me !
I didn’t feel hungry at lunchtime that day !

Though I wanted to go Turret Coffee after breakfast and I woke up earlier than usual the morning for that, I had no time to go there.
But I couldn’t go office without break because my stomach was so heavy.
So, I had cafe latte at Rubin’s coffee near Market.

Cafe au lait, Rubin's Coffee (Tsukiji)


But every seats are smoking seats and everyone except me smoked in the cafe. A lot of smoke in the cafe !

About Yonehana (米花)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukijishijo station (Toei subway)
Open / 5:30 – 13:30
Closed / Market’s holidays


About Rubin’s Coffee (ルビンズコーヒー)

Address / Tsukiji KY Bldg 1F, 4-7-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 6:30 – 16:00
Saturdays / 6:30 – 14:00
Market’s holidays / 7:30 – 16:00
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays
Website / http://www.tsukijikyoueikai.co.jp/rubins/index.html(in Japanese only)



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