[Hualien] Feeling of old Taiwan at Yang Jelly Fig (楊子萱招牌愛玉)

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I walked to the popular oyster omelet shop in Hualien at night, but incredibly there were so many people waiting and I gave up to have their omelet. But I didn’t want to go back to my hotel without anything. And I found there’s aiyu jelly (jelly fig) shop next to the omelet shop. So, I bought aiyu jelly drink. The shop’s name is Yang Jelly Fig (楊子萱招牌愛玉). We can have their drinks and sweets inside the shop, but many people bought to go. They aren’t open in the daytime. Their opening time is 5 p.m. So, I felt I’m in the night market.

Actually, there used to be night market named 溝仔尾夜市. There used to be about 70 stalls around there. That night market was closed when Dongmen night market has started.

Where ?

They are along the narrow street at the back of the main street. Though it’s a calm street, many people gathered to those shops.


Their specialty is aiyu jelly, but they also have douhua, 米苔目 (rice noodles similar to udon), jobs’ tears, tapioca and so on.

Tapioca and aiyu jelly

Though aiyu jelly special (招牌愛玉) attracted me, I wanted to drink while walking, so I ordered Tapioca and aiyu jelly (珍珠愛玉, 40TWD). Black things at the bottom is tapioca, and another is aiyu jelly.

The jelly had springy and smooth texture. Delicious. The tapioca had springy texture, too. Such a springy foods is said, “QQ” in Taiwanese 🙂 Yes, it’s QQ. Though the syrup was sweet, because of lemon, it had refreshing tastes. I drunk it up soon. I should have large one (plus 5TWD).

By the way, Aiyu jelly special, Tapioca and aiyu jelly is served in the plastic bottle for TO GO. But they serve in the bowl if you order them FOR HERE. I want to eat in the shop next time.

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Amazon.com : Tea Zone 2.2 lb Grass Jelly Powder : Everything Else

About the shop

Name in English / Yang Jelly Fig
Name in Taiwanese / 楊子萱招牌愛玉
Address / 97046 Xinyi St, 105號 Hualien city, Hualien County, Taiwan
Phone / +88638323467

Open / 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed / No scheduled

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable
URL / Facebook, Instagram

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