Daimon : Yanaka Coffee-ten (やなか珈琲店)

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Branch of Yanaka Coffee is open in Daimon area.

Yanaka Coffee-ten that is a chain store of cafe always attracted me, but I thought there isn’t any branch.

Appearance, Yanaka Coffee-ten Shiba-daimon branch (Daimon)

私の生活圏にはない、やなか珈琲店(´・ω・`) 大門にもあったので寄ってみました!

“Yanaka” is place name.
Yanaka is known as a place of having atmosphere of old town as well as Nezu and Sendagi.

Those are far from my living town and I have to change trains 3 times to there.
So, I seldom go there.

But now there’re 25 branches in Tokyo and fortunately, Yanaka Coffee-ten have Shiba-Daimon branch close to Zojoji temple 🙂

Menus, Yanaka Coffee-ten Shiba-daimon branch (Daimon)

They have beans from all over the world. They roast coffee in the shop and we can buy them. Those beans can be gotten by mail order, too.

Interior, Yanaka Coffee-ten Shiba-daimon branch (Daimon)


Also we can drink coffee in the shop, too.
At least Shiba-Daimon branch separate smoking section.

Table, Yanaka Coffee-ten Shiba-daimon branch (Daimon)


Today’s coffee (本日のコーヒー, 260 yen). It was from Ethiopia that day. Simple but cute cup.

Today's coffee, Yanaka Coffee-ten Shiba-daimon branch (Daimon)

I recommend you visit there after having lunch at


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Though I said there’s no branch around my sphere of everyday life just now, I found they have Higashi-Ginza branch on the website ! (Though it’s far from the station) I want to go there, too !

About Yanaka Coffee-ten SHiba-Daimon branch (やなか珈琲店 芝大門店)

Address / 2-9-18 Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Station / Daimon station (Toei subway), Hamamatsucho station (JR)
Open / 7:30 – 20:00
Saturdays and another national holidays / 12:00 – 19:00
Closed / Sundays
Website / http://www.yanaka-coffeeten.com/


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