Yakiniku (Morishita)

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I went to eat yakiniku at “Seiryuen”  the other day.
I went to the restaurant for about the two times that day.

Namul and kimchi(550 yen each).

Salted tongue (Chu-tanshio 中タン塩) 1500 yen.

Salted special tongue (2700 yen) and diaphragm (about 2000yen. I don’t remember clearly. It was a market price of the day).

I like salted tongue best at the restaurant 🙂 So juicy (^o^)

Special beef ribs(2200 yen) and special sirloin(2500 yen)
These were two portions. We ordered only one portion, but waitress mistook our order.
But we managed to eat up 🙂

Beaten eggs soup (400 yen).

My eyes smarted from the smoke as usual (>.<)
But I can’t help eating yakiniku Because yakiniku taste good 😛

When we got out of the restaurant, we found there was a line in front of the restaurant.
It is a very popular restaurant.

Prefecture : Tokyo(東京都)
Closest station : Morishita subway sta.(森下駅)


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    I also love yakiniku, though I’ve never had it with tongue. It looks really tasty:)

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