Hongo-sanchome : Rare beefmeats at Jumbo Hongo branch (焼肉ジャンボ 本郷三丁目店)

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Jumbo serves high quality rare beefmeats as yakiniku !

I had dinner at so popular yakiniku restaurant near Hongo-sanchome station.

Yakiniku Jumbo Hongo branch

Appearance1, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


Cool picture welcomed us 🙂

Appearance2, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


I know this is very popular restaurant, not only within Japan but also tourists from all over the world.
Yes. It is too popular restaurant to take seats without reservation.
If you want to have dinner at this restaurant, you have to reserve in advance without fail.

Sauces were set on our table.

On the table, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)

Assorted kimchi (キムチ) 1100 yen

Kimchi, Jumbo Hongo (hongo-sanchome)


Washy kimchi … 🙁

Salted special beef tongue (上タン塩) 1950 yen.

Salted beef tongue, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


We could order only one portion per a group.
It was so good, I wanted to eat more …. 🙁

Beef heart (ハツ).It was delicious !

Hatsu, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


Eating Hatsu, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)

Special Loin (上ロース) 2100 yen.

Loin, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


Special short rib(上カルビ) 2100 yen.

Short rib (Karubi), Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)

Nohara-yaki (野原焼き) Current price.

Noharayaki, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)

でかーい。ながーいォォオオー!!ヽ(゚д゚ヽ)(ノ゚д゚)ノ オオォォー!!

Nohara-yaki is sukiyaki style.
Grilling those meats at first.

This egg came from Saitama prefecture. It is named “Saikyo-no-tamago (埼強の卵)”

Saikyo-no-tamago, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


After beating the egg lightly, dipping the meat into the beaten egg.

Noharayaki2, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


It is awesome !

The restaurant serves rare parts of beefmeats.

Good menus,Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


Outside skirt (さがり) 2100 yen.

Sagari, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


It is the thick of the diaphragm.

Rib eye (芯ロース) 2100 yen.

Shin-rosu, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


Chuck Eye Roll (ザブトン) 2850 yen.

Zabuton, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


At last, we ate rice and udon.

Gyudon (Japanese Beef bowl, 和牛の牛丼) 900 yen.

Gyudon (beef bowl), Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)

店員さんが押すほどではなかった。そもそも牛丼って限界あるよね(ノ∀`) アチャー

Curry and rice (カレーライス) 900 yen.

Curry, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


Salted short rib udon (塩カルビうどん) 1300 yen.

Salted short rib udon, Jumbo Hongo (Hongo-sanchome)


Each parts of the meats were good. But rice and udon dishes were not good. Of course, not bad.
But I want to eat more meats instead of those rice and udon next time 😛

About Yakiniku Jumbo Hongo branch (焼肉ジャンボ本郷店)

Address / Hongo Iwashita Bldg 1F, 3-38-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Hongo-sanchome station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / No scheduled
Website / http://yakiniku-jambo.com/hongou.html(in Japanese only)



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    So much interesting meat. In Denmark we usually don’t eat the tongue and the heart, but I’m really curious to try it:)

    • Ryoko says:

      Almost all parts of the cows are eaten in Japan.
      I think the tongue and heart is easy to eat for beginners in terms of the texture and the taste 🙂

  2. kei says:

    Hi, do we need to make reservation in advance to eat at Jumbo?

    • Ryoko says:

      Yes, because Jumbo is very popular and always full with reservations. So, almost all people visits there without reservation can’t enter the restaurant.

  3. desmond says:

    HI , If i take Oedo line to Hongo-sanchome which number exit to go out nearer ? any email , whatsApp and line number that i can make the reservation ?

    • Ryoko says:

      No.5 is the closest to Jumbo.
      They don’t have official line account and e-mail address.
      So, if you take reserve, please call 03-5689-8929. This is the official phone number.
      But sorry, I don’t know they understand English.

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