Uzbekistan 2011 Summer (7/11) : Registan early in the morning

Sherdor Medrese, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011) UZBEKISTAN
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My hotel was 5 minutes walk to Registan.

I woke up early in the morning, and loitered around.

It was very cool in the morning.

At first, I walked in Asia Samarquand Hotel. I went to courtyard.

Yard, Asia samarkand, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)



Pool, Asia samarkand, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)



Poolside, Asia samarkand, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)


Big wooden chessboard.

Big chessboard, Asia samarkand, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)



Roses, Asia samarkand, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)


Restaurant in the daytime ?

Terrace, Asia samarkand, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)


Of course, there weren’t anyone around there yet.

A policeman asked to me on my way to Registan.
(Whoops! I don’t have a passport :()

‘Japanese ? Go minaret ?’

I saw which he pointed.
Distant …… 🙁
I wanted to go up a minaret,but I didn’t have breakfast yet.
Furthermore, I couldn’t trust him.
Why a policeman ask me to go to minaret such a early morning ?
So, I rejected.
He went off with his sad 🙁

(I heard later, policemen want to let tourists go up a minaret to pick up a bit of money)

The later, I reached to Registan.

Toward registan, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)

Road to Registan, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)
Ground in front of Registan, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)

Cleaning. I heard they live neighbourhood and they clean the road independently.

People cleaning the road, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)



Registan, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)


Left – Tillakari Medrese

Tillakari Medrese, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)


Right –Sherdor Medrese

Sherdor Medrese, Samarkand (Uzbekistan trip 2011)


The reason that there are national flags and stage is
There were national flags and stage for International music festival.
Preparations were under way then.
It would be held after we left.

Later , I tried to go into alley, and came out on to the main street.
I walked around. Again, a man asked me.

‘Shahrisabz ? Shahrisabz ? You ???’

(I thought, he want to ask me whether I have been to Shahrisabz :()

‘Yes :D’

‘Oh, let’s go :D’

He backoned me to a side road.

I recognized he is a taxi driver. He tried to get a passenger such early.

I said, ‘I went to Shahrisabz yesterday. So, I don’t do today.’


‘???? OK, OK. Shahrisabz!’

(He doesn’t understand. There isn’t any OK 🙁 ) – I said in my heart.

He doesn’t understand Endlish well, (well, also my English is broken 🙁 )
so, I said ‘No’ continuously.

Then he gave up and went off.

I heard some Uzbekistan people doesn’t understand past tense. Maybe he doesn’t, too.

I found actual Uzbekistan is different from the information on the Internet and books like ‘Chikyu no arukikata’.
But it is truth that ‘unable to communicat in English in Uzbekistan’.
But they try to communicate in English continuously for their business.
I got courage from them 😀

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