[Nihonbashi] Zeitakudon at Tsujihan (日本橋海鮮丼 つじ半)

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I had a day off on weekday, and I visited Nihonbashi head shop of Kaisendon Tsujihan in Nihonbashi. It’s said to be a very popular restaurant. I heard there’s long line even around 2 p.m. on weekday, so, I got to there around 2:20 p.m., but still there were about 15 people waiting there !

The head shop is located in Nihonbashi and such an appearance, they seems to be long-established restaurant, but it’s rather new restaurant. They were open in 2012.
Tsujihan is managed by Tsujita (つじ田) that is tsukemen shop and Kaneko Hannosuke (金子半之助) that is tempura restaurant.

Especially this head shop is so popular among people from foreign countries and about half of people waiting there seems from another countries. Or more ?

There’s L-shaped counter table having 10 seats only.  Though there was long line, they serve seafood bowl (Zeitaku-don, ぜいたく丼) only. So I could take seats within 30 minutes 🙂


They are close to Nihonbashi subway station and Tokyo station. But it’s hard to find because their signboard is not outstanding and they are located at the back of the street.
But there was a long line in front of the restaurant. You’d better looking for people in line. Not signboard.


I’m Japanese. So, they showed me Japanese menu. But don’t worry. They prepare menu for foreign peopel having English, Chinese and Korean words.

There’s explanation about sashimi bowl on the another menu.

Ume 梅 (1,080 yen) 9 species of seafood like tuna, nakaochi (leftover fresh on the spine of tuna), salmon roe and so on.
Ta-ke 竹 (1,480 yen) Ume plus crab and extra salmon roe.
Matsu 松 (1,980 yen) Ume plus crab and sea urchin.
Tokujo 特上 (3,500 yen) Matsu plus extra crab and sea urchin. And extra salmon roe.
And more extra salmon roe (300 yen) and extra sea urchin (500 yen)

Zeitakudon Matsu

I ordered Zeitakudon Matsu (ぜいたく丼 松, 1980 yen) this time. At first, sliced tuna was served. They recommend we’d better leave two slices for chazuke. Of course, it’s OK to eat everything before served sashimi bowl.

This is Zeitakudon Matsu (ぜいたく丼 松). Such a mountain of mixed tuna, nakaochi, flying fish roe and so forth is on the rice. And salmon roe is brilliantly put on it. There’s no complains about its name “Zeitakudon”. (Zeitaku (贅沢) means gorgeous and luxury). This is photogenic sashimi bowl !

Way of delicious eating. I’m afraid it’s Japanese words only.

They serve yolk soy sauce. So, I put it on the sashimi bowl before eating.

From the horizon. It’s mountain. Tuna was fresh and springy texture of flying fish roe was fun. And more, salmon roe was delicious ! But everything except salmon roe was mixed altogether. So, we can’t enjoy each tastes separately.

By the way, crab and sea urchin is hidden inside the mountain. I think it’s because those were few 🙁 Very few… I think it’s better to order Ta-Ke in its price. Because nothing has changed between Matsu and Ta-ke in its appearance.

After eating half of sashimi bowl, I said to the staff, “Please put soup stock into the bowl”. The soup stock is made of red sea bream. If you need, they added some rice, too (without charge). The flavor of red sea bream was mild and good. It went with salmon roe very well, so, I recommend you left much salmon roe until adding soup stock.

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About the restaurant

Name in English / Nihonbashi Kaisendon Tsujihan
Name in Japanese / 日本橋海鮮丼 つじ半
Address / 3-1-15, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-6262-0823

Open / 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Closed / No scheduled

Reservation / Unavailable
Smoking / Not permitted
Credit card / Unavailable


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