Soup dumpling


[Taipei] Takumi Dumplings (巧之味手工水餃) have No.1 dumplings

Speaking of dumplings in Taipei, Takumi Dumplings (巧之味手工水餃) is one of the best for me. Their green dumplings having sc...

[Taipei] AE Dumplings (阿娥水餃)

I heard that there's a dumpling shop serving dumpling with shrimp in it in Taipei. The shop's name is AE Dumplings (阿娥水...

Long pao tang bao (龍袍湯包) in Kaohsiung

Speaking of shao long bao in Taiwan, everyone know "Din Tai Fung".But there's another great restaurant in Kaohsing. The ...
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