shaved ice / かき氷 / 刨冰


[Osaka] Instagenic kakigori at Kakigori Laboratory (かき氷研究所)

I ate kakigori in Osaka,too. The shop's name is Kakigori Laboratory (Kakigori Kenkyujo / かき氷研究所). When I searched for h...

[Taipei] Shaved ice with mango at Bingzan (冰讃)

Bingzan (冰讃) is awesome. Their mango xue hua bing is far the best shaved ice with mango in Taiwan for me. They are loca...

[Taipei] Almond jelly at Summer Tree Sweet (夏樹甜品) in Difua Street

I love almond jelly. So when I visit Taipei, I can't help visiting Summer Tree Sweet (夏樹甜品) close to Difua street. Thei...

[Taipei] Mango shaved ice at Green Bean Suanshami (緑豆蒜啥咪)

I have a reason of my visiting Taipei in summer. The reason is this. Mango shaved ice.Mango can be eaten from May to ea...

[Kaohsiung] Gao Xiong Po Po Shaved ice (高雄婆婆冰)

Because Kaohsiung is southern area of Taiwan, it is hot even in the daytime in Winter. So, whenever I find the word "冰"...
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