Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Last kaki mix on this season at Odayasu (小田保)

I was refrained from oysters because I had oyster poisoning at the end of last year. But Spring never come to me withou...

Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Serving winter foods has started at Yonehana (米花)

Nevertheless I have a commuter pass to Tsukiji Market subway station, recently I don't go there for breakfast. I often ...

Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Tuna’s tail steak and marinated oysters in olive oil at Odayasu (小田保)

I'm just back from Osaka. Osaka is really delicious city. I want to go there again without fail. And Tokyo is also a de...

[Inage] Oyster miso curry at Curry Restaurant Shiba (カレーレストランシバ)

We went to Curry Restaurant Shiba (カレーレストランシバ) to eat Oyster curry with miso that can be eaten during winter only. We a...

Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Annual kaki mix at Odayasu (小田保)

I had breakfast at Odayasu (小田保). This was the first eat out to Tsukiji Market in 2014. My friend recommended Odayasu's...

[Roppongi] Chinese local dishes at Kuronekoyoru (黒猫夜)

I had eaten Chinese cuisine several times, but I had never met such an eccentric dishes. I had dinner at Kuronekoyoru (...
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