Kakigori / かき氷 / 刨冰


[Osaka] Instagenic kakigori at Kakigori Laboratory (かき氷研究所)

I ate kakigori in Osaka,too. The shop's name is Kakigori Laboratory (Kakigori Kenkyujo / かき氷研究所). When I searched for h...

Closed – [Ginza] Kakigori and pancake at Yukinoshita Ginza (雪ノ下銀座)

We visited Yukinoshita Ginza (雪ノ下銀座) that is popular cafe as pancake and kakigori after a long absence. They are on the...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Enoshima] Kakigori at Noan (埜庵) in Kugenuma kaigan

There's a very popular cafe that serve kakigori having fresh fruits syrup in Kugenuma-Kaigan area. Finally I had a chan...
Kanagawa & Saitama

Nagatoro : Wintersweet in early Spring at Mt. Hodosan (宝登山)

Speaking of flowers in spring, I thought it is plum blossom andcherry blossom.But I found that yellow flowers that is c...

Maccha flavor is popular now.

Toppo maccha flavor and kakigori. I could't but buy it seeing such a special maccha sauce on whipped cream and maccha i...
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