Hamburger and alchohol !(Kinshicho)

Baby back ribs, Shake tree (Kinshicho) CITY GUIDE
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I felt like eating hamburger after a long long absence, so I went to eat it.
Still I can’t eat thick pork like tonkatsu, but I can eat hamburger!

The shop was placed a little bit apart from Kinshicho station.

Shake Tree

Appearance, Shake tree (Kinshicho)

It is more cool bar than hamburger shop.

My drink was Pina colada (ピニャコラーダ, 750 yen) 🙂

Pina colada, Shake tree (Kinshicho)

Whenever I eat hamburger, I drink coke. So, I felt I’m mature 😛
My friend next to me who resembles Jean Reno had a second helping of dark beer 🙂

We were four people, so, we ordered something before eating hamburger.

*Smaller California salad (カリフォルニアサラダH, 700 yen)
California salads, Shake tree (Kinshicho)
Lettuce, olive, tomato and my delight, avocado !

*Onion rings (オニオンリング, 550 yen)
Onion rings, Shake tree (Kinshicho)
Onion rings go with hamburger well 😀

*Fire bites (ファイヤーバイツ, 550 yen)
Fire bites, Shake tree (Kinshicho)
Deep fried jalapeno and red pepper with sweet chili sauce. Jalapeno was tasty 😀

*Baby back ribs (ベービーバックリブ, 950 yen)
Baby back ribs, Shake tree (Kinshicho)
New menu ! Black color, but it was not strong taste. A bit sour, and a bit sweet. It looked like sweet and sour pork, Chinese cuisine.
It was not hard, so I could bite of easily 😛

Last, of course, hamburger !
The waitress recommended us some hamburgers, but I choiced standard, standard hamburger for me.
*Avocado cheese hamburger(アボカドチーズハンバーガー, 1150 yen) !!!! Well, I love avocado !

…Truthfully speaking, my stomach was already nearly full 😛

But there was nothing to fear !
This avocado hamburger was so juicy and tasted soooo good  !
Avocado hamburger, Shake tree (Kinshicho)
Pickled cucumber was fresh !

I heard that in America, people don’t wrap hamburger in a papper like this, and they hold hamburger with their hands directly and bite. Is that true ?
Avocado hamburger into the paper, Shake tree (Kinshicho)

I can’t believe. If I do so, every ingredients will stick out from buns 😛

Shake Tree (シェイクツリー)
Iwasaki building 1st floor, 1-13-6 Kamesawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:00 to 15:00, from 17:00 to 23:00
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays – from 11:00 to 23:00
Closed – Tuesdays


  1. lmjapan says:

    It IS true that people in America don’t wrap their hamburgers in paper but eat it directly with their hands. And yeah, lots of time all the stuff inside just starts falling out of the bun and it can get messy!

  2. Ryoko says:

    Oh ? What I heard is true. But in America, people is used to eating hamburgers, so I’m sure you are good at eating your hamburger without paper 🙂

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