Ginza : Earlier dinner at Sasuga Rin (流石 琳)

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Light but splendid tsumami and COEDO beer.

The day that we had oyakodon for lunch at Sendagi, I had dinner at soba restaurant in Ginza with friends who were with me in Sendagi and someone gathered for dinner. We were five in total.

(Moved) Sendagi : Luxury oyakodon with cochin's liver at Imai (焼鳥 今井)
Notice: Yakitori-imai is temporarily closed to move to Gaienmae area close to Harajuku and Omotesando. Oyakodon on Sundays' lunchtime only. I followed my friends for having oyakodon at Yaki...

It was still bright.

Sasuga Rin

Entrance, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


We were seated at the back of the restaurant.

Interior, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


Because here’s old Edo, I ordered COEDO beer Beniaka (800 yen) 🙂
By the way, COEDO is CO(KO)-EDO. It doesn’t mean Edo. It means “flourish town like Edo”. The representative town is Kawagoe of Saitama prefecture.
And this COEDO beer is local beer made by beer company in Kawagoe.
Its name have “EDO”, so, many restaurants in Tokyo serve it.
Also some supermarkets and convenience stores sell it.

With vinegared mozuku seaweed.

COEDO Beniaka, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


We ordered “Small 6 dishes course” (小皿コース, 1800 yen). This course don’t have much foods. It’s for drinkers before eating soba. (not included soba)
But I got enough full because I ate hearty oyakodon at lunchtime :p

They serve various foods that go with alcoholic drinks very well.

At first, monaka was served. It’s not dessert. Potato salad having ducks meat was sandwiched, not anko 🙂 The potato salad was like liver putty and good.

Potato salad with duck meat sandwiched between monaka, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


Dashimaki tamago (tamagoyaki having plenty of soup stock).

Dashimaki tamago, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


Boiled Pacific herring and Butterbur

Pacific herring and butterbur,Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


Satsuma-age is deep fried fish cake. And Satsuma-yaki is grilled fish cake. Both is popular in Kagoshima though Satsuma-yaki is not well-known in Tokyo.

Satsumayaki, Sasuga Rin (Ginza

Sakura prawn kakiage tempura. So crisp and the smell of sakura prawn was great !

Sakura prawn tempura, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


Last. Boiled chicken with spicy and sweet sauce

Boiled chicken with spicy and sweet sauce, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


And then people who want to eat udon ordered something that they wanted. But I got full. So, I tasted my friend’s Hiyakake udon (冷やかけうどん, 1000 yen) just a little.

Hiyakake, Sasuga Rin (Ginza)


Though it’s a soba restaurant, soba was already sold out. So, they ordered udon. But udon was enough delicious.
They have counter seats and it is open throughout day and night on Saturdays and Sundays. So, I want to try to go there by myself because they have much delicious tsumami 🙂

By the way, sasuga rin is closed from 22 – 25 of this August.

About Sasuga Rin

Address / Riken bldg B1F, 1-19-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Ginza station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 18:00 – 23:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 12:00 – 21:00
Closed / Mondays
Website / (in Japanese only)

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    Great review… Pls correct the address though – it should be 1-19-12. Cause me about 5 minutes of panic and running about to get to the correct location.

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