Hokuriku & Tokai 2016 (6/29) : Sabo Soshin in Higashi Chaya district (茶房 素心)

View from the 2nd floor, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016) ISHIKAWA (Kanazawa etc)
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Enjoyed Japanese old house with tea.

The second day, we got out of our hotel late and got on the bus for Higashi Chaya district.

Higashi Chaya district in rain.Though it was too cold, it had nice atmosphere 🙂

Street1, Higashi Chaya district, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


Street2, Higashi Chaya district, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


If the weather was good, there might be many visitors…

We wanted to have coffee at Higashi Chaya district.
He found this cafe on the internet.

Sabo Soshin

Appearance, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


They have Free Wifi and their menu have English words 🙂

We have wifi, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


There’re seats on the ground floor and upstairs. But there was no people on the ground floor. We went upstairs, too.
There’s steep staircase and we went upstairs carefully.

The house is traditional Japanese old house. Cozy 🙂
We don’t need to take off our shoes.

Interior, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


We can find “Today’s fresh Japanese sweets” at the entrance.
Though they didn’t ask anything, we might be able to chose one from these confections.

About today's Jyo-namagashi, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


I ordered matcha with fresh Japanese sweets (抹茶+上生菓子付き, 850 yen).
Ah, I know this bowl ! I had it though mine was already broken !

Matcha and Japanese sweets set, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


The matcha wasn’t too bitter and rather weak. It’s good for people who like matcha taste confections, but don’t like real strong matcha.
It might be not good for people who love real strong matcha :p

Of course, the wagashi was good. It wasn’t too sweet ! I love it.
This wagashi is named “Otafuku”. Woman’s face 🙂

Otafuku, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


His cappucchino(カプチーノ, 580 yen) was good, too.

Cafe latte, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)

Because there weren’t many people, the staffs left people on the second floor after taking order and serving foods and drinks. Water jug was at the table, so we could relax for a long time in the cozy room 🙂

Chaya street in rain seen from the upstairs 🙂

View from the 2nd floor, Sabo Soshin, Kanazawa (Hokuriku&Tokai 2016)


By the way, I used the restroom at the cafe. It was outside the house ! It’s too cold ! I didn’t wear coat !

Many Japanese old houses have restroom outside…

About Sabo Soshin (茶房 素心)

Address / 1-24-1, Higashiyama, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
Bus stop / Hashiba-cho (橋場町) bus stop
Open / 10:00 – 18:00
Close / Wednesdays



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