Yabaton (矢場とん) in Ginza


Nowadays it’s hard to go for a trip. I wanted to feel trip, so I ate miso cutlet at Yabaton (矢場とん) in Ginza. Miso cutlet is a local food of Nagoya area. Their restaurant is larger than expected. There are many branches of Yabaton mainly in Western Japan, concentrating on Aichi. But there’s only Ginza branch and Tokyo station branch in Eastern Japan.

Where ?

They are facing on Showa street. Their appearance is outstanding, but if you go from Higashi Ginza station, it’s blind spot. I took this photo from the opposite direction.


There’s “tonkatsu” on the menu. All “tonaktsu” means miso cutlet at this shop. They pour miso sauce on your tonkatsu in front of you.

Also they have another foods, for example, doteni (simmered meat with sauce), miso daikon, deep fried scallop and so on.

Loin tonkatsu set

I ordered loin tonkatsu set (ロースとんかつ御膳, 1500 yen). You can choose your rice from white rice or rice with mixed grains. I chose rice with mixed grains. If you want tonkatsu only, it cost you 800 yen. Inexpensive.

Look at it. The tonkatsu is large. Though it’s not very thick, but enough thick. The red miso sauce is Nagoya’s specialty. It’s not strong and too sweet. It’s a good friend of rice. Also cabbage, too. Don’t worry. They offer second helping of cabbage and rice with free of charge.

The staff said to me, “Putting much grated sesame is good”. So, I did. It’s for photo. After that I put more and more. As he said, much sesame is great. Flavorful.

Before eating, I thought the sauce looks strong and greasy, but actually, it wasn’t. I enjoyed it until last. I ate it with mustard and ichimi pepper, too. I never got bored.

About the restaurant

Name in English / Yabaton Ginza branch
Name in Japanese / 矢場とん 銀座店
Address / 2-11-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-3546-8810

Open / 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed / No scheduled

Reservation / Available
Credit card / Available

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