Yaesu : Ore no Italian (俺のイタリアン)

Spaghetti with caviar and Pandalus borealis, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu) Tokyo
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Valuable Italian Dinner.

Now, one of the most popular restaurant and the most difficult to reserve restaurant in Japan is the restaurants that have “ore (“I” in English used by males)” in their names, I think.
This is one of the restaurant.

Ore no Italian

Appearance, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Another, Ore-no-French, Ore-no-Kappou (Japanese cuisine), Ore-no-Yakitori ….

My friend made a telephone call again and again and reserved our seats. Thank goodness !
We heard that the restaurant have good chefs who trained in Italy and serve dishes at a low price.

We got to the restaurant 5 minutes before the opening time, and after a few minutes, the waiter got out of the restaurant and said hello to the guests and explained the restaurant’s rule.
It seems an entertainment park 😛

After we enterd into the restaurant and seated, the waiter also explained the rules in detail. He said to us that they prepare so valuable dishes that are limited in quantity and he took orders that time.

Everyone raised their hands as every orders. They never saw those prices 😛 Us, too.
Four groups wanted to eat  the lobster dishes that the restaurant prepared only 3 and we tossed for it. And our group lost.
But I saw the menu and found its price after that, and I found it was more more expensive than I had thought, and I was relieved in secret 😛

At first, we ordered a drink. My drink was sparkling wine.

Lambrusco Dolce Rosato (ランブルスコ ドルチェ ロザート) 600 yen

Lambrusco Dolce Rosato, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


The waiter filled me a glass like this ! Wooow !

Parmigiano Reggiano (パルミジャーノ・レッジャーノ) 300 yen as a cover charge

Parmigiano Reggiano, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


To tell the truth, I ate more than 1/3 of it 😛

Scallop carpaccio(ホタテのカルパッチョ) 980 yen

Scallop carpaccio, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Gorgeous !  Karasumi (dried mullet roe) is replacement of gold, salmon roe is replacement of rubby … ? It looks like jewely. Of course, its taste was good !

Grilled green asparagus with uncured ham (グリーンアスパラガスのグリル) 580 yen

Grilled green asparagus with uncured ham, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Uncured ham was goooood 😀

Fresh abalone and foie gras poele(活アワビとフォアグラのポワレ) 1980 yen

Fresh abalone and foie gras poele, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Two luxury foodstuffs together!  The foie gras was tasty, but I couldn’t find the taste of the abalone. It didn’t have any presence 😛

And, we ordered a bottled wine.
Bourgogne Pinot Noir [2011] Frederic Magnien 3939 yen

Bourgogne Pinot Noir [2011] Frederic Magnien, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Beef loin rib steak with sherry and vinegar sauce (牛リブロースステーキ シェリービネガーソース) 1580 yen

Beef loin rib steak with sherry and vinegar sauce, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


So huge meat came ! This was my best in all dishes that I ate that day !
This vinegared sauce was good 😀

Red sea bream acqua pazza (真鯛のアクアパッツァ) 1380 yen

Red sea bream acqua pazza, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


The dried tomato was good. It had lightly sourness. And the soup had its sourness and the taste of the sea bream and Venerupis philippinarum.
We drunk up the soup 😀

Soft roe fritters (白子のフリット) 980 yen

Soft roe fritters, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Soft roe ! It’s my delight !

Premium pizza Margherita (プレミアムマルゲリータ) 980 yen

Premium pizza Margherita, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


I don’t need my pizza any ingredients except cheese and tomato. So, Margherita is my best favorite pizza !
Especially, this pizza had so juicy tomatos !

Spaghetti with matsutake mushroom and snow crab from Hokkaido (松茸と北海道産ズワイガニのスパゲティ) 1480 yen

Spaghetti with matsutake mushroom and snow crab from Hokkaido, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


It’s just between us…. I couldn’t find the taste of snow crab at all. I might not have a taste buds 😛

Spaghetti with caviar and Pandalus borealis (キャビアと甘海老のスパゲティ) 1380 yen

Spaghetti with caviar and Pandalus borealis, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Tiramisu (ティラミス) 350 yen

Tiramisu, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Affogato (アフォガード) 450 yen

Affogato, Ore-no-Italian YAESU (Yaesu)


Tiramisu and affogato is similar in those taste together, but the tiramisu was so soft and it had lots of taste of cheese, and the affogato was bitter due to the espresso. But its bitterness went with the vanilla ice cream very well.

I want to eat the steak again… (^^)

We’ll go to “Ore-no-French” this month. I’m looking forward to it much 😀

Ore-no-Italian YAESU (俺のイタリアンYAESU)

Address / Matsuoka Bldg 1F, 2-6-4 Yaesu, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tokyo station (JR), Yaesu station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 16:00 – 23:30
Sundays and national holidays / 16:00 – 22:30
Closed / No scheduled
Website / http://www.oreno.co.jp/en/(in English)



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Sounds like a funny place. Each time I visit Japan, I am so impressed by the Italian restaurants. They are usually very good:)

  2. Ryoko says:

    Sorry, but I couldn’t connect on the internet (>_<)
    Japanese love long narrow foods 😀
    So, Italian that have spaghetti is very popular and there are so large number of Italian foods restaurants.

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