Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn (3/9) – the 2nd day , Asuka 1

One of four flower gods, Takamatsuzuka Tumulus (Asuka) TRIP (inside JAPAN)
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The 2nd day of my trip to Nara, I went to Asuka to see Ishibutai Tumulus, Takamatsuzuka Tumulus and Oka-dera Temple.

I went toward Nara station for Asuka station by train.
Within the site of Nara Prefecture Culture Hall.Red leaves were beautiful.
Autumn leaves, Nara Prefecture Culture Hall (Nara)

I heard deer is everywhere near Nara Park. But I was surprised deer is really everywhere,in the site of the cultural hall, the site of temples and on the roads and so on.
View, Nara Park (Nara)
I heard that people are having trouble with increasing of deer’s death by traffic accidents 🙁

One reason is great increase of number of deer.
People are also having trouble with farm products’ damage by deer.

There was one solution presented by committe.
The solution is to remove deer.

But this solution is denied by many people. Of course.
I can’t understand why do they have no choice but kill or spare every time?

Slender legs 🙁 I’m envious……
Whenever I pointed my camera at deer, the deer turned his face away 🙁 All deer.
Deer, Nara Park (Nara)
After I enjoyed watching deer and maple leaves, I went to Kintetsu Nara station and I got the train.

Then I arrived at Asuka station. I think Asuka(飛鳥) is cool name 🙂
Asuka Station, Asuka (Nara)

Takamatsuzuka Tumulus (高松塚古墳)
This is one of the National special historic site

Who was buried in it is not yet known. And it is a small tumulus, so it used not to be valued much.
With the discovery of a richly colored mural paintings in 1972, it came into the spotlight in a single bound.
But those paintings got severe damage before it had been known to the public well.
So we usually can’t meet originals now.
Originals are carefully stored. We can meet originals only for a limited time in every springs and autumns. Now those originals are national treasures.

View, Takamatsuzuka Tumulus (Asuka)

In the Autumn Leaves, Mausoleum of Emperor Monmu (Nara)

Mausoleum of Emperor Monmu (文武天皇陵) is back of Takamatsuzuka Tumulus.
Signboard, Mausoleum of Emperor Monmu (Nara)

It is really in the shadows.
Whole view, Mausoleum of Emperor Monmu (Nara)

Explanation, Mausoleum of Emperor Monmu (Nara)
Four flower gods.

Four gods were painted on the wall of stone chamber of Takamatsuzuka Tumulus and Kitora Tumulus. These wee designed after the model of four gods.
Though already dead, but these were made of flowers and cellophane paper.

Four flower gods, Takamatsuzuka Tumulus (Asuka)

One of four flower gods, Takamatsuzuka Tumulus (Asuka)

Then I went in Takamatsuzuka Mural Hall to see mural paintings.
There were imitations of artefacts and reproductions of murals. I could hardly understand what is drawn without explanations because of heavy deterioration. But there were also exactly the same paintings that is reproduced vividly. So I compared and tried to understand what was drawn on the immitation wall as much as possible.
Ticket of Mural Hall, Takamatsuzuka Tumulus (Asuka)


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