Moved – [Kawarayu Onsen] Sasayu (川原湯温泉 笹湯) – Day trip onsen

TRIP (inside JAPAN)
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When I visit Kawarayu Onsen, I took some baths. Sasayu (笹湯) is one of the bath. It is an unmanned facility and there is a box for charge at the door. So I put 300 yen into the box. There was a paper that says “We suffer from people who don’t pay their charge.”


Well, it was a sign that there were scarcely any person who took the bath. It was Very very hot. There was a notice that saying “Don’t left the water running”, so if there are no person who take the bath for a long time, the bath water keep near spring source temperature. More 50 degrees onsen water come out from the faucet. I kept running the pure cold water more 10 minutes, finally the temperature of the bath became good.

But it made me happy because it was a fresh onsen water. Before adding pure water, I kept a bowl of spring source and waited until it is cool. Then I made my towel wet and I covered my face with it. I was so happy with the smell of the onsen. There were some people taking the men’s bath, but female’s bath was only me during 2 hours.

There was a sofa in the bathroom, so I could spend the time in comfort. Ohyu spring source has been around since long long ago, but this spring source will sink under the new dam in the future. So another spring source was found instead. Sasayu use the new spring source.
Well, this new spring source is good, but I felt those quality……

Indoor bath of Ohyu > Sasayu > open-air bath of Ohyu

I felt Sasayu’s onsen water clung my skin just a little. I didn’t felt such a texture by Ohyu’s.
The water was not completely transparent. Cloudy a bit. Of course, Sasayu was good.
I added much pure water in the bathtub, so the power of onsen water got weak. Still, I could enjoy the onsen water, so I think the ingredients of the onsen water is strong.

Ohyu and Sasayu will sink under the dam within a few years. So, you’d better go soon if you are interested in the bath.


Name Sasayu (笹湯)
Open Daytime
Reservation Unavailable
Charge 300 yen (Cash only)

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