Tsukiji : Sushi lunch at Motodane (本種)

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Motodane is great lunch spot all the same.

I went to Motodane after years absence.
Though it used to be my delight lunch spot, recently I frequently go to Hajime sengyo-ten and Kashigashira at lunchtime.

Right is Motodane, and left is Tempura Kurokawa. Also I don’t go to Kurokawa these days.

Appearance, Motodane (Tsukiji)


Current lunch menu. Sashimi set (1200 yen), 1 portion of sushi (1000 yen) , 1.5 portion of sushi (1500 yen), maru-chirashi (900 yen) and Negitoro bowl (1000 yen).

Menus, Motodane (Tsukiji)


Especially, I like their sushi best.
I know there’re many sushi restaurants in Tsukiji area. Motodane is not sushi restaurant, but they serve good sushi at inexpensive price.
So, I ordered Nigiri 1.5 portion set (握り1.5人前, 1500 yen) .

Nigiri1.5 set, Motodane (Tsukiji)


But you shouldn’t expect genuine sushi at Motodane. Their “sushi” means fresh seafood on vinegared rice like this. Its sizes are random. (it depends on the size of slices of seafood)  Sometime I can’t put them into my mouth once.
And sometimes vinegared rice break when I hold them with chopsticks.

Nigiri1.5, Motodane (Tsukiji)


But those are clearly delicious.

Close, Motodane (Tsukiji)


If you don’t care about the degrees of the perfection of sushi and want to save money, but want to eat delicious sushi at lunchtime, Motodane is right choice 🙂

About Motodane (本種)

Address / 6-25-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 21:00
Closed / Sundays, national holidays

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