Ningyocho : Okonomiyaki at Matsunami

Matsunami-yaki and Naniwa-yaki, Matsunami (Ningyocho) Tokyo
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Matsunami-style Okonomiyaki in Historic architecture

Ningyocyo still have many old good restaurants and I had wanted to go to one of the restaurant that is named “Matsunami”.

It’s an okonomiyaki restaurant.

Appearance, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


Great architecture is 60 year old !

Signboard, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


When we got to there without reservation just after the opening time, there was no guest there.
But the waitress said every seats are fully booked but we could stay 60 minutes or so

So we decided to enter the restaurant and eat okonomiyaki quickly.
The appearance have a nice atmosphere which reminds me of an ancient time.
(But if fire breaks out, it’ll disappear…. :()

Interior, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


Anyway we had no time to lose, we ordered drinks. My drink was lemon sour (レモンサワー)

Lemon sour, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


Speaking of Okonomiyaki, we remember it is local foods of Osaka, Kansai. But Matsunami’s okonomiyaki differs from Kansai-style.

We chose Matsunami-yaki (松波焼き, 900 yen) and Naniwa-yaki(浪花焼き, 900 yen).

Matsunami-yaki and Naniwa-yaki, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


Matsunami-yaki have asari clam and green onions, and Naniwayaki have fish cake, Japanese honewort(mitsuba) and muscle of the clam.
The ingredients are differ from Kansai-style.  It looks like monja.
The way of grilling is same as the Kansai-style, but it looks lighter than Kansai-style.

Grilling, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


And we put soy sauce on it, not Worcestershire sauce like Kansai-style !

Matsunami-style using soy sauce, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


It was unexpectedly good. But we also put Worcestershire sauce later, I think okonomiyaki go with worcestershire sauce better than soy sauce all the same.

And we ordered fried squids with butter (生イカバター, 750 yen)

Raw squid with butter, Matsunami (Ningyocho)


Of course it was tasty, but I think 750 yen is expensive for it. I know it is long-established restaurant in Ningyocho….but…

There were “oyster” on the menu, so we ordered it, but we couldn’t get it because it was for reservations only that day.

About Matsunami (松浪)

2-25-6 Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Ningyocho station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:30 – 14:00, 17:00 – 22:00
Wednesdays and Saturdays / 17:00 – 22:00
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays
Website /



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