Kachidoki : Sashimi bowl at Maguro-oroshi no Maguro-don no mise (まぐろ卸のまぐろ丼の店)

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Sea and sashimi bowl.

You think Tsukiji is the best place to eat sashimi bowl ?
Certainly, Tsukiji is precious area.

But there’s also great place to have sashimi bowl close to Tsukiji area at lunchtime.

Entrance, Maguro-oroshi no maguro-don nomise (Kachidoki)

It’s around Toyomi Fisheries wharf.

“Maguro-oroshi no maguro-don no mise” have outdoor seats and you can see sea from every seats.
You can also see Rainbow bridge while eating sashimi bowl !

Outdoor seats, Maguro-oroshi no maguro-don nomise (Kachidoki)

Lunch menus. You have to buy ticket at the ticket vending machine besides the kitchen.

Lunch menus, Maguro-oroshi no maguro-don nomise (Kachidoki)

Staffs prepare your sashimi bowl quickly and hand it to you. So, you secure the seat that you like with your sashimi bowl.
And after eating, you have to throw your dishes into blue rubbish bin near the entrance. It’s like beach house 🙂

Self-service, Maguro-oroshi no maguro-don nomise (Kachidoki)

By they way, they have long name.
Their name means maguro-don (tuna bowl) shop managed by wholesalers of tuna.
So their seafood is, needless to say, good and inexpensive !
It’s special sashimi bowl B (800 yen). Fresh nakaochi, albacore tuna was good ! and also boiled baby sardines and boiled tuna with ginger was tasty, too 😉

Sashimi bowl, Maguro-oroshi no maguro-don nomise (Kachidoki)

Sashimi bowl and sea. But unfortunately the weather was bad. It was cloudy, so cold and windy.  When I visited there. So there were few people that day. I think I could see splendid view if the weather was good. I have to visit there again soon.

Sea and sashimi bowl, Maguro-oroshi no maguro-don nomise (Kachidoki)

But don’t worry about cold weather. They have some heaters close to each tables.
If only it was sunny day… X(

About Maguro-oroshi no Maguro-don no mise

Address / 3-13 Toyomicho, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Monzen-nakacho station (Toei subway, Tokyo metro)
Open / 9:30 – 13:30
Saturdays, Sundays / 9:30 – 14:00
Closed / Wednesdays

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