Funabashi : Maguro-ichi, seafood izakaya (まぐろ市)

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Notice : They aren’t open during lunchtime now. (Oct 21st, 2017)

Finally, I went to Maguro-ichi at lunch.

I had been to the front of the izakaya twice, but it hadn’t opened 🙁

So, finally, my long‐cherished wish came true.  (Not “long-cherished” , only two months 😛 But the time seemed so long…)

I know there used to be a Hawaiian goods shop.
The Hawaiian goods shop closed down without my knowledge, and seafood izakaya “Maguro-ichi” opened.

The izakaya is underground of the old building.
It look like a direction board making at high school festival 😛

There were many Japanese sake. Shopkeeper showed me in the refrigerator. Sake, sake,sake… Well, this is the IZAKAYA 😀

There is one counter table and some tables. I took a seat of the counter table.
Self-service tea.

I asked the waitress about 三色丼 (three colors bowl).
This day, salmon, bigeye tuna and great amberjack. I like everything. So, I ordered it.

Three colors bowl. The waitress serves only seafood rice bowl. Guests have to take another dishes (miso soup, pickles and side dish) from back. Self-service.

These slices of fishes were not thin.
The great amberjack was firm and flavorful.

Side dish was skin of tuna seasoned with kimchi.
I hadn’t eaten the skin of tuna. The texture was like a gelatin 🙂

I realized anew that I love fishes.

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Oct 21, 2017 Added notice about suspension of lunchtime


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Looks so delicious. And skin of tuna with kimchi sounds interesting:)

  2. kdawikstrom says:

    Looks amazing!

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