Tantanmen noodles :) (Minoridai)

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After eating ramen at Kohaku, we went to Rakuzan Tantanmen(楽山担担面) near Kohaku(琥珀).
Rakuzan Tantanmen serves tantanmen noodles 🙂

I felt its appearance cheap-looking. 🙁
We entered the restaurant.
There were a round table, counter and some tables 🙂
But this restaurant serve good noodles 😀

Seiso Tantanmen noodles (850 yen). It is not too hot, and sour just a little.

Chin-mapo tofu (1000 yen) was very very hot.

My tongue was paralyzed.
So, I couldn’t appreciate dishes that I ate after it 🙁

Chengdu tantanmen noodles (dandan noodles) (900 yen). It had no soup 🙂
After stirring with chopsticks and china spoon, we ate it.

To my regret, I couldn’t feel its taste at all because of mapo dofu 🙁
But everyone said “Good ! :D”

We also ate shuǐjiǎo (400 yen). But I couldn’t feel its taste, too 🙁
But its skin had springly texture. I want to eat it again ! :O
It must be good 🙁

I do want to go again 🙂


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