Kawarayu onsen : Ohyu

Indoor bath, Ohyu, Kawarayu onsen (Kusatu & kawarayu 2011) GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)
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Notice : Ohyu has moved to new Kawarayu onsen area.
The Map below points Ohyu’s present location.(November 4th, 2015)

Great onsen facility that will be sank into the Yanba dam

At last, I visited Kawarayu Onsen that I had been wanting to visit for a long time !
First of all, I went to Ohyu. It is a communal bath.

Appearance, Ohyu, Kawarayu onsen (Kusatu & kawarayu 2011)


The onsen water was excellent.
This onse water is softer and smoother than Kusatsu Onsen’s.

Though I took only a picture of indoor bath, I took a open-air bath, too.
There were some persons in open-air bath, so I couldn’t take a picture.
There is a roof over the open-air bath. It is semi open-air bath, the view is obstructed by the walls.

After taking the indoor bath, I took the open-air bath, and I felt these onsen water weren’t same.

Perhaps the onsen water in the open-air batutub dropped in quality because it was exposed to the open air all day.

The onsen water in the indoor bath seemed to be light milky white.
In contrast, the open-air bath’s was colorless and transparent.

Or it might be added much water.

I do want to go the onsen. I go again without fail !
Unexpectedly, this onsen water seemed to be good for drink. A cup was besides the faucet. But I didn’t drink.
I want to try drinking onsen water next time. Oh, you never drink the onsen water in the bathtub 😛 Only from faucet.

Indoor bath, Ohyu, Kawarayu onsen (Kusatu & kawarayu 2011)


About OHYU (王湯)

* type of entrance / front-style
* onsen / Kawarayu onsen (Sulfur, sodium and calcium chloride sulfate spring)
* bathtub / indoor bath, semi open-air bath
* sauna / nothing
* city and prefecture / Agatsuma, Gunma
* closest station / Kawarayu onsen sta. (JR Agatsuma Line, 15 minutes walk)
* charge / 300 yen
* open / from 10:00 to 18:00 (between April to November), from 10:00 to 16:00
* holidays / open 365 days
* locker / coin-operated locker (at indoor bath, 100 yen)
* hair dryer / nothing
* another facility / resting space (extra charge)
* website / http://www.dan-b.com/yu_ouyu/



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