Matsudo : Karugamo Coffee (カルガモコーヒー)

Coffee and cake, Karugamo coffee (Mtsudo) Chiba
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Cute cafe started their business in Matsudo !

I went to the cafe that was open last year.

It stands near Matsudo station. Matsudo is in my prefecture, but I rarely go to there. And I thought Matsudo is hard to go from my living area.

But I found it isn’t.
From my station, I change the train at next station, and it takes about 30 minutes to Matsudo. It doesn’t cost me much transportation fee. I didn’t know !

This is the cafe.

Karugamo Coffee

Door, Karugamo coffee (Matsudo)


“Karugamo” means Spot-billed duck in Japanese. Cute name, but spot-billed duck was nowhere in the cafe…
Like its name, the interior is nice and cute.

Entrance, Karugamo coffee (Matsudo)


I felt so comfortable at the coffee.

I heard the cafe serves good coffee. But those desserts looks tasty, too 🙂
Baked cheesecake, earl grey tea cake, Rare cheesecake and gaeaux chocolate. Everything seems delicious !

Menus, Karugamo coffee (Matsudo)


So I ordered gateaux chocolate (450 yen). With coffee, 700 yen in all.

Coffee and cake, Karugamo coffee (Mtsudo)


The gaeaux chocolate textured light, but the taste of chocolate was strong. It was really tasty.
And I didn’t do because I had much time, but guests can have another coffee at the cafe.
That is great ! I usually drink up coffee quickly, so I’m greateful !

By the way, I can’t believe there are much people who stay over 2 hours at cafe alone. If I stay cafe for such a long time, I’ll get tired 🙁
However nice cafe …
They drink their coffee with thinking how to pace theirselves. For staying at cafe for a long time. They keep their lukewarm coffee or watery iced drink…
Why do they go back to home …..

First of all, I can’t stand lukewarm coffee !

About Karugamo Coffee (カルガモコーヒー)

Address / Matsudo Toshio Bldg 2F, 14-18 Honcho, Matsudo-shi, Chiba
Station / Matsudo station (JR)
Open / 10:00 – 19:00
Closed / Mondays



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