kachidoki : Japanese sake and seafood at Kanemasu (かねます)

Crab's salads, Kanemasu (Kachidoki) Tokyo
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Seafood paradise !

After about one month I visited Kanemasu last time, I went to there again 🙂

Appearance, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


Kachidoki : Kanemasu is great izakaya (かねます)
Fancy stand-up-eating izakaya in front of Kachidoki metro station I knew Kanemasu is so popular stand-up-eating izakay...

This day, we visited the same time as last time. But this day, it is still light. The days grew longer 🙂

Today’s menus board.
To my great surprised, I could understand those characters, though I couldn’t understand it at all !!

Menus, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


My drink was Japanese sake ! I ordered my sake still normal temperature because I felt my body become cold last time.

Japanese sake, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


Beef stew (牛にこみ) 800 yen

Stewed beef (whole), Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


Big slices of ingredients.

Stewed beef, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)

煮込まれてないよね?(ノ∀`) って感じの肉の塊。

I hadn’t eaten such a “stewed” beef. Usually stewed beef is simmered until beefmeats are soft.
The texture was still chewy !

Abalone sashimi (あわび刺身) 1800 yen

Abalone, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


I hadn’t seen such a big square cut abalone. At first, I worried about my teeth, but no problem. So crunchy and fresh !

Bristly crab salads (毛がにサラダ) 1800 yen

Crab's salads, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


Plenty of crabs meat !!!

Crab's meat, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


Is that really salads ?? I couldn’t see any other ingredients except crabs meat !

Deep fried minced shrimps (海老しんじょう) 1500 yen

Deep fried shrimp, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


One was dressed with nuts, and another was dressed with very small rice crackers (it is called “arare” in Japanese)

Section of deep fried shrimp, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


Minced shrimps smelled good and tasty. Though the shrimps were minced, but it had still springy texture !

Raw sea urchin rolled by half-roasted beefmeats (生うに牛肉巻き) 2000 yen

Sea urchin roll, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


We ordered this time, too. The sea urchin melted ! And the meat fat melted in my mouth !

Hako-sushi (箱すし) 1200 yen

Sushi box1, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)

最後はお寿司! 相変わらず、ごはんが見えない(ノ∀`) アチャー

Last, we ordered it again. It was “sushi”, but you can’t see rice at all !

Sushi box2, Kanemasu (Kachidoki)


The shrimp looked dynamic !

Every dishes were excellent. Kanemasu is awesome ! I want to visit again soon !!!!!
(But I have to take a day off for visiting there. Kanemasu open early  and most of  dishes sold out soon :P)

About Kanemasu (かねます)

Address / Kachidoki View Tower Bldg 1F, 1-8-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kachidoki station (Toei subway)
Open / 16:00 (actually around 15:00) – 20:00
Closed / Market’s holidays



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