[Negishi] Kamiya (香味屋)

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I heard there’s good Japanese-Western cuisine (Yoshoku) restaurant in Negishi, and finally I could go there. Now it’s tall building, but the restaurant Kamiya is a long-established Japanese-Western cuisine restaurant since 1925.

The restaurant floor is on the 1F and 2F. They are so popular restaurant, so, we’d better reserve in advance.

The interior is like traditional Japanese-Western cuisine restaurant !

Where ?

The closest station is Iriya station (subway) and Uguisudani station (JR). Also Minowa station is within walking distance.

Foods that we had

Beef tongue stew

I ordered beef tongue stes (タンシチュー) from a variety of Japanese Western foods on the menu.
Normal size (フルサイズ) is 3800 yen and half size (ハーフサイズ) is 2200 yen.
Truthfully speaking, I don’t like Japanese-Western foods very much, so I tried to order it with half size, but my friend said to me that he eat leftover foods if I can’t eat it up. So, I ordered it with normal size.

Much demiglace sauce was poured on to the simmered beef tongue. Mushroom was on it, too. It’s beautiful.

I used knife and folk, but actually, it didn’t need knife. I could cut it with only folk with easily. The beef tongue was so soft. Demiglace sauce was not too sweet and strong. It was delicious.

Consommé soup hot and cold

They have two types of Consommé soup. Hot one and cold one. 1300 yen each.

This is hot soup. It’s like hot tea. It was flavorful.

This is cold soup. Cold soup was like jelly. There’s ice at the bottom of the glass. So, we can enjoy cold jelly until last. I felt stronger Consommé flavor than hot soup. Awesome.

Beef sandwich

Beef sandwich have roasted beef sandwiched with bread. It’s simple. Bread, roasted beef and lettuce only. It cost 2200 yen. It was cut into four pieces. So, we shared.

About the restaurant

Name in English / Restaurant Kamiya
Name in Japanese / レストラン香味屋
Address / 3-18-18 Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-3873-2116

Open / 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed / Wednesdays (if it’s national holiday, it’s open and the next day is closed)

Credit card / Available
Reservation / Available
URL / Website


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