Kiba : Tandoori bar named “Kamal pool” (カマルプール)

Dahi Baingan,Kamal pool (Kiba) Tokyo
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My friend held a tandoori party at Kamal pool the other day 🙂
We heard that Kamal pool was going to be appeared on popular TV drama among middle-aged men. So, we went to there before the drama. But there were already so crowded !!!
Also many people was talking about the drama and Kamal pool on twitter, too.

Appearance,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Our table,Kamal pool (Kiba)


My drink was Kamal beer (カマルビア, 580 yen).

Kamal-style beer,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Much spices and coriander on the beer.

Cold rassam (冷やしラッサム, 400 yen)

Cold rassam,Kamal pool (Kiba)


So spicy and tasty.

Assorted tandoori chicken (タンドリーチキンミックス, 760 yen)

Assorted tandoori chicken,Kamal pool (Kiba)


I felt those didn’t have much spice. But still it was tasty.

We ordered some new foods.
Dahi Baingan (ダヒベイガン, 600 yen)

Dahi Baingan,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Dahi Baingan…. I didn’t know the name. This was the first time to see and eat it. Deep fried eggplants with yogurt sauce.

Tandoori ducks meat (鴨のタンドール, 1180 yen)

Tandoori ducks meat,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Cheese kulcha and Gorgonzola kulcha (チーズクルチャとゴルゴンゾーラクルチャ, 750 yen each)
Because we can’t recognize which is which from those appearance, I took only one picture.
Well…. I can’t remember from this picture, too. Maybe Gorgonzola.

Kulcha,Kamal pool (Kiba)


I like Gorgonzola one better than ordinary cheese one. Gorgonzola kulcha have honey and the honey made it more flavory.

After that , we ordered Indian whisky with soda (インドウイスキーのハイボール, 550 yen).

Indian whisky with soda,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Grilled conger eel (焼き穴子, 680 yen)

Tandoori conger eel,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Last, we ordered curries and naan.

Spicy chicken keema (スパイシーチキンキーマ, 1200 yen), Daal curry (ダルカレー, 950 yen), Lamb mint curry (ラムミントカレー, 1380 yen)
Coconuts naan (ココナッツナン, 400 yen), Basmati rice (バスマティライス, 350 yen), Tandoor roti (タンドールロティ, 350 yen)

Curries and naan,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Lamb and mint curry,Kamal pool (Kiba)


Fried rice with oyster (カキチャーハン, 1400 yen)

Fried rice with oysters,Kamal pool (Kiba)


As same as last time, I was really satisfied.

We heard that the seats are full with reservations until end of the October.
Umm. We won’t be able to go there again for some months….
At lunchtime, you can’t reserve in advance, but I also heard that there’re lots of people waiting in front of the bar (most of them are middle-aged men :P)

About Kamal pool (カマルプール)

Address / Suzuki Bldg. 1F, 3-20-9 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kiba station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:30 – 14:30, 17:00 – 23:00
Sundays and national holidays / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / No scheduled
Twitter / @ktmtabo



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