Yokohama : Honetsuki-dori, Specialty of Takamatsu (一鶴 横浜西口店)

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Branch of popular Ikkaku in Takamatsu.

I went to Takamatsu of Kagawa several years ago and wanted to eat Honetsuki-dori. But I couldn’t decide where to go and gave up eating it after all.

Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (8) Takamatsu
I managed to eat Sanuki udon ! On my way to Takamatsu station in a limited express, I felt sick in the bad air. So, when I got to Takamatsu station, I really felt relief :) Takamatsu station hav...

Honetsuki-dori means “Bird with bone”. Simply speaking, it’s just bird with bone. “Honetsuki-dori” is cooked with soy sauce, salt and pepper only.

But I had wanted to eat it very much that time because I love chicken meat.

Recently I heard there’s branch of popular honetsuki-dori shop near Yokohama station.

So, we got off at Yokohama station on my way home from Atagawa.

When I searched for some Honetsuki-dori shops in Takamatsu, every shops are very casual like eateries in Tsukiji 😛
Well, That’s the Yokohama. Stylish entrance.


Entrance, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


Not only honetsuki-dori, but also this izakaya serve many foods. Fortunately we were three person. So we ordered some foods.

My drink was squeezed grapefruits sour (生搾りグレープフルーツサワー, 514 yen).

Grapefruits juice sour, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


This was the first time to squeeze fruits by myself !
At first, I had no idea how to squeeze, but I saw my friend doing, and copied his way of squeezing.

Chicken caesar salad (チキンシーザーサラダ, 565 yen)

Chicken Caesar salad, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

チキンそんなにいなかったよーな。 フツーのシーザーサラダでしたよん。

Umm. I didn’t meet chicken on the dish. Ordinary Caesar salad.

There’s two species of  “Honetsuki-dori”. Elder bird and baby bird.

We order one baby bird (骨付き鳥 ひな鳥, 894 yen) per one person and eagerly bit into it.

Baby bird, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


Plenty of juice flew out ! We had to take care, or the juice spitted. This meat was so soft and juicy. So fatty chicken 🙂

And we shared this parent chicken (骨付き鳥 親鳥, 1008 yen)

Parent bird, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


The elder bird was chewy. But I liked it, too.

Chicken rice (とりめし, 462 yen)

Chicken rice, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


Truthfully speking, because honetsuki-dori was seasoned too strong, I couldn’t feel this flavor.

Chicken ham (とりハム, 565 yen)

Chicken ham, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


The taste was not bad, but why did they put baby tomatoes on those hams like this ? 😛

Shoyu-mame ice cream (醤油豆アイスクリーム, 308 yen) as dessert. That’s too big for one person.

Shoyu-mame ice cream, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


Though I could eat my longing honetsuki-dori, but it’s too salty for me. But I might feel like eating this salty chicken sometimes.
But I’ll order honetsuki-dori and salad only.

We ate too much !

About Ikkaku Yokohama Nishiguchi gate branch (一鶴 横浜西口店)

Address / Tino building 6F, 2-15-1 Minami-Saiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Station / Yokohama station (JR, Keikyu, Sagami railway, Tokyu, Yokohama
minatomirai railway, Yokohama municipal subway)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 11:00 – 23:00
Close / No scheduled
Website / Japanese only)

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  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    That chicken thigh looks so juicy and delicious! I also like that they serve the lemon for you to squeeze yourself:)

    • Ryoko says:

      I recommend Honetsuki-dori when you have chance to go Takamatsu. Maybe at Takamatsu, you can eat it with more casual price and atmosphere.

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