[Yokohama] Honetsuki-dori chicken at Ikkaku (一鶴 横浜西口店)

Baby bird, Ikkaku (Yokohama) Kanagawa & Saitama
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Honetsuki-dori is a local food of Takamatsu of Kagawa prefecture. Honetsuki-dori means “Chicken with bone”. It is Grilled chicken with bone with soy sauce, salt and pepper only. There’s a branch of popular honetsuki-dori restaurant named Ikkaku (一鶴) close to Yokohama station.

I heard they are very popular and always fully booked during dinner time. So, you’d better reserve in advance if you visit there at the middle of dinner time.

Entrance, Ikkaku (Yokohama)


It’s very close to Yokohama station.

Yummy foods that I had

Not only honetsuki-dori, but also they serve many foods.

Squeezed grapefruits sour

I chose my drink squeezed grapefruits sour (生搾りグレープフルーツサワー, 541 yen). They served sour and half of grapefruits separately. So, I squeezed grapefruits and then pour the juice into the sour. It’s fun ! And the flavor of fresh grapefruits was good.

Grapefruits juice sour, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

Caesar chicken salad

Caesar chicken salad (シーザーチキンサラダ, 596 yen). It’s simple caesar salad. It didn’t have much chicken meat on the dish. But good.

Chicken Caesar salad, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

Honetsuki-dori / baby bird

Speaking of honetsuki-dori, there are two species. Elder bird and baby bird. Ikkaku have, too.

This is Honetsuki-dori baby bird (骨付き鳥 ひな鳥, 941 yen). We ordered one per one. It’s the perfect decision. Baby bird was so fatty and juicy. Can you see much fats ? But not greasy at all. Everyone ate it up soon like beasts.

Baby bird, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

Honetsuki-dori / senior bird

We shared this Senior bird (骨付き鳥 親鳥, 1062 yen). The older bird was chewy. But we liked it, too. It was seasoned with salt and pepper strongly as well as baby birds. This tastes went with fresh grapefruits sour very well.

Parent bird, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

Chicken ham

Chicken ham (とりハム, 596 yen) was soft and good. Basil sauce went with the ham well. But I don’t want chef to put small tomatoes on the ham.

Chicken ham, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

Chicken rice

Last, we ate rice. Chicken rice (とりめし, 486 yen). Contrary to the strong flavor of honetsuki-dori, it had mild tastes. It have soup, too.

Chicken rice, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

Shoyumame ice cream

Shoyumame ice cream (醤油豆アイスクリーム, 325 yen) as dessert. Simply speaking, shoyumame is parched beans marinated with soy sauce and sugar. It’s also a local food in Kagawa prefecture . I think it’s not common flavor for ice cream. But it’s not salty and it didn’t have much tastes of soy sauce. It’s normal ice cream. Salty just a bit.

Shoyu-mame ice cream, Ikkaku (Yokohama)

About the restaurant

Name in English / Ikkaku Yokohama Nishiguchi gate branch
Name in Japanese / 一鶴 横浜西口店
Address / Tino building 6F, 2-15-1 Minami-Saiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Phone / 045-317-1708

Open / 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 11 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Close / No scheduled

Reservation / Available
Credit card / Unavailable
URL / Website


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    That chicken thigh looks so juicy and delicious! I also like that they serve the lemon for you to squeeze yourself:)

    • Ryoko says:

      I recommend Honetsuki-dori when you have chance to go Takamatsu. Maybe at Takamatsu, you can eat it with more casual price and atmosphere.

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