Honolulu 2014 (4/7) : Pan-Pacific festival and Sunset Hula

Sunset Hula at Kuhio Beach Park, Honolulu 2014 HAWAII
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Yuru-chara gathering in Honolulu !

After I got back from Diamond Head, I dropped in at Kahara Mall and did some shopping 🙂
I bought too much, especially coffee. I bought much coffee at Long’s drugs. So my suitcase got so heavy 😛

I went back to hotel and I found Kalakaua street became pedestrian mall.

Preparation, Matsuri in Hawaii, Honolulu 2014


The preparation of parade has started.
Pan-Pacific festival was held while my stay in Honolulu. The parade was one of the entertaimant of the festival.

I was immensely curious about the parade, so once I went back to my hotel and then came to see the parade again.
I found it was Yuru-kyara (Japanese local mascot characters) parade !!

Yurukyara, Matsuri in Hawaii, Honolulu 2014


Umm. What are they !?

Ushioni mo-ni-kun ???? What is it ?!?!?

Ushioni monikun, Matsuri in Hawaii, Honolulu 2014


I searched it later on the internet, “Mo-ni” is local mascot character of Uwajima, Ehime.
There’re sooo large number of mascot character in Japan ! I can’t know eveything.
Well, almost all mascot characters participated the parade weren’t well known, so there’s no one that I know. 🙁

After seeing the parade, I bought my meal at here. Sam’s kitchen.

Appearance, Sum's, Honolulu 2014


That day, I ate night meal in my room. I wanted to eat garlic shrimps !!! This spicy garlic shrimps set ($14) was so tasty. I didn’t like the rice, though 😛
And also papaya bought at Henry’s place was my dessert 🙂

Garlic spicy shrimp for my early dinner, Sum's, Honolulu 2014


After taking a nap for a while, I went out to Kuhio Beach Park around 6:30 p.m for seeing sunset hula at Kuhio beach park (Kuhio Beach Hula Show).

Sunset Hula at Kuhio Beach Park, Honolulu 2014


When the show was over, it was getting dark.

Dark sea, Honolulu cofee, Honolulu 2014


I strolled around Kalakaua street. Still so many people there. I was feeling very happy just strolling around the busy street.
After that I had a coffee at Honolulu Coffee within Moana Surfrider Hotel and then went back to my hotel around 10 p.m.

Appearance, Honolulu cofee, Honolulu 2014


Though it was late at night, still lots of people were there 🙂

Cafe latte, Honolulu cofee, Honolulu 2014


About Sam’s Kitchen

Address / 353 Royal Hawaiian Ave, Honolulu, HI, 96815
Open, Closed / Confirm in advance

353 Royal Hawaiian Ave, Honolulu, HI, 96815

About Kuhio beach hula show

Address / 353 Royal Hawaiian Ave, Honolulu, HI, 96815
Schedule, Place / Visit the website below
website / http://www.waikikiimprovement.com/waikiki-calendar-of-events/kuhio-beach-hula-show
Charge / Free

About Honolulu Coffee Company Moana Surfrider branch

Address / 2365 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Open, Closed / Visit the website below
website / http://www.honolulucoffee.com/

2365 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Garlic shrimp..yummy! Btw. I went to Kashigashira in Tsukiji for lunch. Such a nice place, and the food was very good:)

    • Ryoko says:

      woooow! You finally ate at Kashigashira !
      I’m verry happy to hear you like Kashigashira 🙂 They also serve good foods at nights,too:)

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