Nihonbashi : Deep fried oysters all year around at Akkeshi of Hokkaido Honten (北海道厚岸 日本橋本店)

Deep fried oyster, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi) Tokyo
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Notice : They quit their business during lunch hour. Please confirm their current business hour at the bottom of this article. (28th Feb, 2015)

“The best deep fried oyster in Japan”

Mostly deep fried oysters are served in cold season only.
Some restaurants serve it from October to April at the longest.
Yes, one of the shop is Odayasu in Tsukiji Market 😛
I heard that Odayasu serve deep fried oyster until June this year…

Even June is limit for the Odayasu serving deep fried oysters.

But !

I heard there is a restaurant that serves deep fried oysters all year around !

The place is Nihonbashi.

And they use oysters from Akkeshi of Hokkaido that is so popular as big and excellent oysters !

If you love oysters, you cannot help going there and trying it 😀

Of course, we went to there. Needless to say, we love oysters.
The shop is on the 1st basement floor.

Akkeshi of Hokkaido, Nihonbashi Honten

Entrance, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)

こちら1年中カキフライが食べられる、北海道厚岸 日本橋本店(`・ω・´)

We arrived at the shop more 20 minutes earlier, but the stairs were full with people waiting.

Most valuable oyster, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)


They have only one menu at lunchtime. Just deep fried oysters.
The lunch set menu is “The best deep fried oyster set in Japan” (日本一のカキフライ定食, 1000 yen) !
Everyone come to the restaurant for eating it.
Some of them might be there about one hour earlier before the opening.

Lunch menu, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)


On taking our seats, in the meantime, the waitress said to us, “We serve deep fried oysters only. Is that OK ?”
Basically, we have only to wait. After a while, our foods come on our table like this.

Deep fried oyster set, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)


Second helpings of rice and miso soup is free of charge. But as you see, plenty of rice and soup come.
We can eat those deep fried oysters with tartar sauce, ponzu with yuzu pepper on the tray, Worcestershire sauce and salt with oyster flavor on the table.

I liked eating my oysters with ponzu with yuzu pepper best.

Huge ! Two oysters, this side are rather small, but another oysters that side are big.

Deep fried oyster, Hokkaido Akkeshi Nihonbashi-honten (Nihonbashi)


Those were really big.
Those oysters taught me  why oysters are called “Sea of milk”
So creamy and rich flavor.

How wonderful. We can enjoy such good deep fried oysters all year around.

About Akkeshi of Hokkaido Nihonbashi Honten(北海道厚岸 日本橋本店)

Address / Nihonbashi Teito Bldg B1F, 2-2-15 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tokyo station (JR)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Sundays and another nationalholidays



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