Nihonbashi : Historical architectures

I went to Nihonbahshi I have something to do at there.
I took a little detour.

Nihonbashi post office is the birthplace of the Japan’s mail service.

Nihonbashi post office is birthplace of Japan's post office (Nihonbashi)

There are some historical architectures being still used for its intended
purpose around there.
I went to head office of the Bank of Japan the other day, but there are any
other architectures.

The entrance of Mitsubishi Logistics Co.Ltd.

Mitsubishi Logistics Co.Ltd (Nihonbashi)

Nomura Securities building.

Nomura Securities building (Nihonbashi)

The Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Company.

The Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Company (Nihonbashi)

This is Nihonbashi elementary school (chuo ward).

Nihonbashi elementary school 1(Nihonbashi)

Nihonbashi elementary school 2(Nihonbashi)

I wish I had studied in such a nostalgic architecture 😀
There is a library, too, so I went in.
It is ordinary clean in the library.

Entrance of Nihonbashi elementary school (Nihonbashi)

At aside, This is the site of the residence of Takamori Saigo.

site of the residence of Takamori Saigo (Nihonbashi)

(There is nothing left of it now.)


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