[Atago] Pakistani lunch at Handi Restaurant (ハンディレストラン)

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My friend asked me to have lunch with them at Pakistani restaurant at weekend. The restanrant stands on Atago. Atago is in Chiba prefecture.
But I had never been to there.
We took more 90 minutes from Funabashi by train. It is more far than my office in Tokyo 😛

We got off at Nanakodai station because the organizer picked us up at the station.  The station was new, and clean.
The town seemed to be built in a few years. There is a big traffic circle and one fine supermarket in front of the station.

It looked like Yawatajuku station, my local area 🙂

We could meet organizer no difficulty and we reachd at the restaurant after about 15 minutes by car.

Handi Restaurant

ハンバーガーでも出てきそうなお店(ノ∀`) ドライブスルーみたいな。

Its appearance looked like hamburger shop !

This is Indian and Pakistani foods restaurant.
But there are much Indian foods dishes on the regular menus.
Pakistani cuisine is not familiar with Japanese yet, so the restaurant serves much Indian foods and for attracting customers.
If you want to eat Pakistani dishes in the restaurant, you have to choice from “Today’s  menus”

I didn’t know the prices that I ate at the restaurant, but we, eight person ate those dishes and it costed us 1500 yen per person. Inexpensive !
My transportation expenses was over 1000 yen in all. Wooow ! It’s funny !

Salads (サラダ)


It looked not good 🙁 The cabbage was dry.
It wasn’t for getting a taste. It was for getting nutrition before eating meat and curry 😛

Well, Pakistani dishes time !

Sindhi biryani (シンディ・ビリヤニ)


With raita. It tasted more pilaf than biryani. But it was tasty.
Especially, the smell of mutton is good. It had potatos in it, too.

Mutton’s joint steam (マトン・ジョイント・スチーム)

ジョイントってなんだろう?って思ったら関節のことね(´く_` )

Stemed mutton’s joint. Its outside was crispy, but inside is soft and juicy !

We ate mutton joint steam with the creamy sauce.


Nam keema kadi (ナム・キーマ・カディ)


Lots of mutton ! The marrow of the bone was empty. Not empty, everything was out by boiling for a long time !

Mutton konna (マトン・コンナ)

Mutton white korma (マトン・ホワイト・コルマ)

Creamy curry. It was not hot, but so tasty !

Mutton,mutton,mutton…… we ate much mutton that day ! 😀

Roti (ロティ)


Roti ? Chapati ?

Kyatori ghosht (キャトリ・ゴーシュト)


Mutton and zucchini curry. Those zucchini was soft and soft by simmering !

Last, we ate dessert that is named kheer (キール).
It is rice pudding, and it was sweet and tasty. Springy and sticky. So elastic by rice  !


Of course we never forgot drinking chai(チャイ) !



Name HANDI Restaurant (ハンディレストラン)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available
Credit card Available for dinner time only

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