Amami 2015 (2/9) : Supermarket “Green store”

Miki, Green store Irifune branch (Amami 2015) KAGOSHIMA
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Lots of local foods of Amami island !

I went to the supermarket near my hotel after having dinner.

Green store Irifune branch is located close to my hotel and it is open for 24 hours.

Appearance, Green store Naze branch (Amami 2015)


I like visiting local supermarkets , but mostly they sell similar foods and drinks to supermarkets in my city. But Amami is remote island !
There are so many foods and drinks that I hadn’t met ! I was excited !

Unknown sliced fishes, Green store Naze branch (Amami 2015)


Fishes that I hadn’t met ever…
Blue fusiliner is a fish mainly caught around Amami.

Hota, Green store Naze branch (Amami 2015)


And delicatessen.

Aburasoba is well-known. But it seems to be differ from it a bit. It looks like chanpuru that is one of Okinawa local food.

Abura somen, Green store Naze branch (Amami 2015)


Butamiso (miso with pork) and sakanamiso (miso with fish). It seems sweet.

Butamiso and Sakanamiso, Green store Naze branch (Amami 2015)


It’s regrettable that I didn’t have local food except keihan that time. I have to go there again…

This is the local drink named “Miki” made from rice, sugar and sweet potatoes. I tried it. It is similar to amazake.

Miki, Green store Naze branch (Amami 2015)


Having them in the hotel room might be a good choice, too 🙂



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